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GR Retro Review: Graced (2015)

GracedAmanda Pillar

Momentum (2015)

ISBN: 9781760082307

I raced through reading this book, which put me a little in mind of later Anita Blake or Merry Gentry books in some ways (although GRACED is not NEARLY as sex-heavy as Laurell K Hamilton’s work tends to be!). I thought the ideas underpinning the story were interesting and thoughtful, with vampires, weres and Graces all being genetically engineered species. However, I felt there was an awful lot going on in what is quite a short book, and would have liked to see the accelerator eased off a little to explore the concepts and character relationships in more depth. This probably wasn’t helped by the multiple point of view characters in the story, which added to a bit of disconnect. I think there was probably the bones of at least two books in this novel, but the plot would have needed more strength to sustain such an idea. There was some interesting character work in the book that I would loved to have seen more of, and I would have liked to learn more about the world the characters inhabit, and why it exists the way it does.

The overall tone was fairly light, despite some of the more sinister activities of the story, and it was an easy, pacy read. As a debut novel, it has merit, and I’m sure Pillar will continue to grow in her craft as a novelist just as she has a short story writer.

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Retro Review: The Other Tree (2014)

D.K. Mok

Spence City (2014)

ISBN: 9781939392725

The Other Tree is Mok’s 2014 debut novel, from the publisher Spence City, and while I’ve seen it noted as urban fantasy, I’m not sure it quite fits that genre marker – it’s one of those books that is tricky to classify as anything but “put it on your to-read list”!

If Seanan McGuire had written The Da Vinci Code, the outcome might have been a little like The Other Tree! Given I adore Seanan’s work and think The Da Vinci Code could have been quite fascinating in the hands of a different author, this is definitely a compliment. Continue reading

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