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Long time no update

I’ve done a few posts but nothing much really! I shall blame:

* Swancon organising (eleven days to go!)
* Getting After the Rain finished (it’s here! Looks brilliant! You can buy it!) 🙂
* Work (just normal busy stuff)
* Reading (working through the WA Premier’s Book Awards judging – lots and lots of great Aussie YA)
* Buying houses (a little one in Tassie – NOT to move to!)
* Family (they keep me busy, yes)
* Andre Norton Award shortlist interviews (just started, but interesting again this year!)

I’m also excited about the forthcoming awards (Aurealis, Ditmars, Tin Ducks and more!) being announced soon, which FableCroft is nicely represented in. And I’m planning my trip to the AAs (flying overnight visit to Sydney!) in May. And lots of other stuff. Is good!


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Too much caffeine means a late night posting…

So I overdosed on late afternoon diet coke and tea. Now, despite the fact I haven’t had more than 5 hours sleep a night for more than a week (and slept for two hours mid-morning today because I was buggered), and I was curled up in bed at 9pm, I’m still wide awake. I’ve finished my Mercy Thompson (by the very cool Patricia Briggs) novel, read a New X-Men compilations (for

, it was parts 1-6 of Choosing Sides – I think) and Serenity: those who are left behind. Still not sleepy. I have some more Amazon-y goodness – heh, in more ways than one! – in a couple of anthologies that came on Thursday – one with Patricia Briggs and one of Robin McKinley’s (the other Amazon-y thing is Wonder Woman: Amazonia – snicked from the public library today, along with the other comicy stuff). My Fables fixes have not yet arrived unfortunately 😦

I will probably end up doing my final edit for ASIM 36. 

 doesn’t know he’s waiting for it… I’ve also got some layout to do I guess, now my proofers have done their usual spectacularness. Just waiting on the lovely artists to pull this thing together. Then I MUST focus on New Ceres and Shiny. And start thinking ahead to ASIM 38, which is really not all that far away! Oh, and mark those 180 or so year 9 book reviews. Amazingly, there are a couple that are quite good. A couple *sigh*

I don’t think I’ve been very update-y lately. It’s nearly holidays again and that means I get to spend even more time in front of the computer beast, so I’ll be more talkative. I guess in reality, nothing much new has been happening. I’m busy, but that’s normal. We’re all well and healthy and happy. Ooh, I went on a date with my husband last weekend – dinner and a movie, first time in goodness knows how long we’ve been out together on our own! Was most pleasant. 

Work is going great. I dropped to 0.8FTE (four days a week) a couple of weeks ago and am enjoying the extra time with kids/hubby (when he’s home). The week seems to fly at work too, I love my job. It was hard to drop that day, but it’s working well so far. Might be  different story in Term 4 though, as we’re pretty busy then. Might try for 9 days a fortnight instead, if hubby is able to do kid duty.

Am going to miss Supanova this weekend, buggerit. I really didn’t want to go without others – too hard and too much effort with the kids. Tried to coerce some of my school colleague geeks, but they weren’t up for it. Heard of a bunch of students who were going tho’! Guess I’ll just have to hear about it vicariously. I’m sure 

 will post about it! She’d better!

Hmmm. The year is flying by. Hard to believe we’ve been here eight months already! I’ve booked our tickets to QLD for Chrissy, AND I’m going to sneak the Aurealis Awards on the end of the holiday! Yay! I’m sure that will come around a darn sight quicker than I expect it to. These holidays have certainly snuck up on me. One more week – my goodness. Fingers crossed I get to actually SEE some people this time.






, you’re all on my hit list! 

Well, I’ve killed a bit more time better spent sleeping. Bugger the work, I’ve got a couple of games of Scramble and Pathwords or Wordtwist going on Facebook. Best go bother them for a bit.

Oh, and a pic of my boy for Crazy Hair Day (raising money for SIDS) today! Cute, no? 🙂



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Updatey stuff

 I was going to post a funny email I got a couple of days ago, in lieu of a real update, but the pictures won’t come across and I can’t be bothered fiddling with Photoshop tonight so, dammit, I’ll update already!

I probably have lots of things to say anyway.

1. The 2008 Ditmar Voting Package went out to eligible voters yesterday/today. There were some problems with the zipped version so the unzipped followed. Hope folks like it! If you join Swancon as a supporting or full member anytime before the con, make sure you get your Package!

2. I wuz sick. It started with a scratchy throat last Monday afternoon, then proceeded to become a full blown head cold which laid me out for a few days. I came home sick Wednesday midday and had Thursday off too but made it to the swimming carnival on Friday. Slept half the long weekend away, and while I still have a head full of yuck, I am now functional again. Luckily because;

3. We have to have our suggestions and recommendation (and kind of plans) for our library refurbishment like, now. There’s also quite a bit of left hand/right hand stuff happening, which is causing frustration, but my wonderful team at work is actually dealing with it pretty well. I do love my job, have I mentioned? 

4. Someone I knew at high school tracked me down on Facebook today. I’ve only been using Facebook for about a week! I only made an effort with it last week because some people at my new work friended me. I like LJ, but Facebook is useful I suppose!

5. It’s less than two weeks til my parents arrive!

6. It’s less than three weeks til Swancon!!!

7. I’ve been doing a little editing and selecting for my two ASIM issues for 2008 (with my co-editor for 36 Lucy, and myself for 38) 

8. I’ve been slushing for Shiny. I think we chose our first story together last week!

9. Sekrit projects are boiling away in the background.

All else it good! Busy, as usual, but of the goodness!

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