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Taking branding to extremes

I once read Wuthering Heights. A loooong time ago. I don’t think it’s something fans of Twilight (in general) would like, relate to, or understand, despite it being mentioned in Eclipse. But publishers are nothing if not opportunistic…


It’s not just the art – the taglines read – “Bella & Edward’s Favorite Book” and “Love never dies”.

On the other hand, maybe it will entice a few new readers to the classics. Or fill some publishing coffers at least…


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Twilight movie reviews

So the first of the reviews are starting to come in from those places over the waters. I’m totally only doing this roundup so I can use this icon.

Over at Tor, comparing to Romeo and Juliet, with cynicism:

This reviewer doesn’t have a problem with the film making but isn’t so impressed with the story itself:

Rotten Tomato critics have varying opinions:

Well heck, I’ll just stop here – Beyond Hollywood does the round up:

Yeah, I’m so only posting for the icon use. 🙂

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