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Recent viewing

In the past few months (hmm, post-Swancon?) I’ve been watching an AWFUL lot of tv, but only on the computer. iTunes has become my bestest friend and I had to get a memory upgrade for the laptop because I’d bought so many shows! I glommed Doctor Who (and am now rewatching with Tansy and David – sorry guys, I’ve let the side down but I PROMISE I’ll be back on top in the next day or so!) and dabbled with Fringe, Being Human and Chuck (all of which I plan to continue with) before downing Misfits and now Haven. I watched Haven last night and was HORRIFIED when Alisa noted that it was the season finale! Noooooo! So. Long. To. Wait. Ah well, at least I have Doctor Who. But today is the last episode! Noooooo!

Heh. Luckily I do have quite a lot of Fringe and Chuck and Being Human, there’s new Sherlock coming soon, and if I’m really stuck, Torchwood beckons. I don’t know why I’ve gotten so stuck into some of these shows, but I’ve really been enjoying it. Possibly not the best time to be mainlining a stack of shows, what with the millions of books I have to read (ahem, and submissions), so eventually I guess I’ll have to slow down, but until that point, I’m hooked!

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An interesting week

See my iTunes? 🙂

Although one that’s been a bit sleep deprived. I’ve noticed that if I start watching too much tv (or more specifically, tv on my computer – not sure it makes a difference but it’s when I notice it), I stop sleeping well. As in, takes ages to fall asleep, wake up numerous times and permanently much earlier than normal. Last time it happened I was mainlining True Blood. This time it’s Doctor Who. Yep, thanks to the ever increasing pressure from Tansy (not true, she just makes me WANT to watch things. And read things. And listen to things – stop it!), I finally succumbed to New Who. Well, that’s not entirely true either. The final impetus came from the fact that Neil Gaiman wrote an episode. And I couldn’t just watch THAT episode, could I? And even THAT isn’t completely the entire picture, because if I hadn’t come home from the Sydney Aurealis Awards on a lovely new plane that let me watch my own private tv (which happened to have a bunch of S5 DW episodes), it might never have happened! So, a lovely confluence of events led to my overdosing to New Who. I started with S5 with Matt Smith as my doctor, and caught up to the middle of S6 (the second half of the season starts in seven days!), then went back to S1. And now I’m almost done! I finished S4 yesterday (and fine, I also like David Tennant, happy?) and two of the specials, which means I’ve only got three episodes left! Happily, S6 starts up again in a week, and of course, there’s then all these lovely episodes on my computer should I feel the need to revisit. And about a million episodes of Classic Who, should I REALLY get it bad! But really, it’ll be good when I’m done because I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE! Am addicted. Plus, not sleeping. TV is bad for you.

So that’s most of what I’ve been doing this week really! 🙂 I managed a bit of slush reading one night, which was nice because the submissions have ramped up a bit this week. Still over a month til the end of the reading period and I’m over 60 subs and counting. A couple of outright acceptances, a few held stories, a LOT of rejections. Vast majority of the subs so far from international (particularly US) authors. And overwhelmingly dominated by male authors at this stage. Will be interesting to do the stats at the end of this one.

Got a fair bit done at work this week – we had our new praccie come in to meet us (she seems nice – we have her for the last two weeks of term), figured out some solutions to library management system problems that have been plaguing us since we implemented the software, got some actual teaching done, and finished researching the assignment I have to do for accreditation. Still have to write it, but have the research! Wanted to start work on an informative newsletter for staff yesterday but got called to childcare for a sick Miss Five. She’s got high temps and a sore throat and head – was her turn apparently!

Hopefully we’re off to my cousin’s for lunch today (pending doctor visit) – haven’t seen them in AGES so really looking forward to it. Best go get ready now!

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Wake up IMDB

This is what the cast list of the IMDB page for "Castle" looks like:



What’s wrong with this picture? Hmmm, what’s the show about? A mystery writer (Rick Castle played by Nathan Fillion, top billing) who follows a detective around, basing his new book character on her. That’s Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic). She shares what I reckon would be pretty much equal screen time with Fillion, maybe a bit less, as Fillion has a fair bit of time on screen with his family, mother Martha and daughter Alexis. But pretty much equal. In the credits, Katic is second billed. So why, on the IMDB page, does Katic come in fourth in the cast listing? Behind her two sidekick detectives, who do both get reasonable screen time, but certainly aren’t the focus of the show as Beckett and Castle are. 

Is there a legitimate reason for this cast order? Not alphabetised, so, why does the female lead come in behind two lesser characters?


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Good baby is good!

Baby slept from 6.30pm to 5am, had a quick feed, then slept til 8.30! Yay! Unfortunately, because of stupid AFL on Ch 7 last night, Bones and Castle didn’t finish until midnight, and I didn’t go to sleep until at least 12.30. Ah well, at least I got more sleep than I would have if he’d kept his previously usual hours!

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Books, writing and writers in film and tv

I was watching the 2008 version of Journey to the Center of the Earth today (ahem, for the third time – I like Brendan Fraser, alright?!), and it occurred to me that a lot of the film and television I’ve enjoyed in recent times has been related to books in some way. I don’t mean book to film/TV adaptations (although I’ve recently enjoyed Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and How to Train Your Dragon, and I’m looking forward to Tomorrow When the War Began, all based on great books), but movies or programs that have books, writing or writers solidly at their core. Sunday nights, for example, I have a steady date with Castle (and sure, Nathan Fillion plays a big part in my enjoyment of this, but that’s not the point!), which is a show about a crime writer who has attached himself to a police detective as research for his new books. I love that Castle is paired with Bones (very loosely based on the Kathy Reichs Brennan books), and one of the things that tickles my fancy is that in the show, the character of Brennan writes fiction about the character Kathy Reichs. These are the things that amuse me!

But when I really start to think about it, a great many of my favourite movies have had this in common. I guess it really isn’t a surprise. I’m a teacher librarian, I read constantly and always have, and now review, edit and publish as well. Books are a massive part of my life, so it’s not a shock that I’m going to like a lot of media that depicts books and writing! Interestingly, most of them ARE based on novels or short stories, but it’s the subject matter that is important. Here’s a list of those I’ve come up with today that I’ve enjoyed:

The Princess Bride
The NeverEnding Story
Nim’s Island
The Spiderwick Chronicles
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
The Librarian movies (with Noah Wyle)
City of Ember
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Stand By Me
Marley and Me
Finding Forrester

If I want to push the boundaries and include storytelling in my list, I could add Big Fish (which I loved), and if you go to diary movies, there’s a whole bunch more, like the Bridget Jones movies, and maybe even Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!

And that’s just those I’ve seen and could think of off the top of my head! A quick Twitter brainstorm (thanks Tweeps!) also netted a heap more:

The Ninth Gate
The Name of the Rose
Mr Murder – I’ve read the Dean Koontz novel, but not seen the movie. I think there are more Koontz and also Steven King books (and probably films based on them) with authors at the centre.
Black Books
The Reader
The Diary of Anne Frank (there are multiple adaptations of this)
The Notebook
Freedom Writers
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the Guide is a BOOK! It counts!)
The Librarians (I refuse to watch this, but I know others are amused by it)
Ella Enchanted

Another stretch could be Julie and Julia (Do cookbooks count? Blogs?), but I haven’t seen it yet.

And one to look forward to could be Endymion Spring! (Warner Bros has it optioned). Books books, glorious books! Even when they are in the movies and on TV they are glorious! 🙂

What’s YOUR favourite movie, tv show or even just straight book that has books, writing or writers as a strong plot/character focus? 


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