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Six hours in an airport with four kids … and counting.

I’m taking the kids to visit my parents in Queensland for the school holidays, leaving husband home alone in blissful peace pining for us. Yesterday arvo we got a text from QANTAS saying our Launceston-Melbourne flight was cancelled. Cue panic. Rang to find they’d already replaced the plane, flight still a go – thanks for the heart attack there. Then got a phone call in the evening to say it would be delayed 40 minutes in the morning – not too bad, will still make connecting flight and cop a little extra sleep. We arrived at airport 6.15am, checked in, waited a while, boarded on time as advised. Taxied out, plane began runway speedup…and then slowed down and plane returned to terminal. Technical issues. Disembarked. Fed children very expensive breakfast. Waited. Got food vouchers. Waited. Husband thankfully came to kid wrangle and brought pram for bubs (which we hadn’t thought we would need). Call to say all connections would have luggage unloaded. Collected bags. Eventually new flight arrangements given. Bags rechecked. Waited. Further hour delay advised. Still waiting – now fifteen minutes past revised departure time, and we’ve been at the airport for over six hours. So much for catching the early flight in order to get to Queensland in time to drive out to the parents’ place!! Now we will have to overnight somewhere because there is no way I’m doing a five-six hour drive this late in the day, especially given how little sleep I’ve had the past few nights. Most annoyed. Oh well, I guess that’s what they say about the best laid plans… Oh, and if we don’t get underway in the next 15 minutes or so, we won’t get our new connection to Brisbane either…



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Flying visit to WA

We’re making the most of these school holidays by wandering about the countryside! Travel to date:

Thursday last week: hopped on a plane to QLD. Kids travelled well, Jetstar was fine. Flew into Brisbane, then hired a car. Got to Toowoomba that night, as planned, for a not terribly restful night’s sleep (note to self: two year olds are not fun to share a bed with, and 9 year olds who want to see Grandpop and go fishing wake up really really early).

Friday: drove to Miles. First stop lunch, where my mate Sharryn joined us. Second stop, hairdresser! My favourite hairdresser is one who has done my hair since I was a teenager, and the salon is kid-friendly and nice. I always take the opportunity to get my hair done there when I’m visiting the family. Though it’s getting to the point it would be WAY cheaper to fly her down to visit us instead! Finished there and went to the Historical Village to wait for Mum to arrive back from a bus tour she was on for work, then headed out to brother’s place. S-i-L not home, nor oldest nephew, but enjoyed catching up with brother and his two youngest. Dad also joined us there, so was able to leave hire car rather than brave the kangaroos on the gravel road. Aunties from Sydney arrived at Mum and Dad’s not too long after we got home, so it was a bit chaotic!

Saturday: Dad and Master Nine headed in early, as Dad was driving a truck in the street parade. M9 not terribly impressed as all he wanted to do was fish, but he had a good time in the end I think (helped that he got to go home with Grandpop at 11 – not at all interested in the rest of the events when there was fishing to be done!). The rest of us left at about 9am, to wait about for an hour in town pre-parade. Miss Six and Master Two were on the Village “float” (the historical ute), looking very country (M6 actually won Best Dressed Girl, which she was chuffed about!). I took a bunch of photos of the parade, but haven’t downloaded yet, so these are my aunt’s. Saw a few people to have chats to after the parade, which was very nice, then walked up to the football grounds where the rest of the festival was taking place. Pleasant day, lots of free rides for the kids, people to see and market stalls to peruse. A bit weary by mid-afternoon but lasted until about four I think before taking my ratty kids home.

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Weekend trip to Coorow and Greenhead

Miss G at Greenhead









I took a few photos of people, and about eleventy billion of flowers in my uncles’ gardens 🙂 Must put them on a disk to send to Mum and Dad (who will, I assure you, appreciate them!). My grandfather had boxes of slides of pictures of flowers and the natural environs. And it appears a predilection for collecting rocks must run in the family too, as both sets of rellies visited had lovely specimens! A few more photos below the cut (not JUST of flowers, promise!).

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 Yep, so I’ve been a bit slow on the update. I’m super way behind on the book meme, but other things have taken priority! 

We went to Sydney for a five day visit. The primary purpose was for me to attend the Australian School Library Association’s national council meeting (I’m the state association’s Publications Councillor). As it coincided nicely with husband’s time off, we decided to make a family trip of it. We arrived mid-afternoon Wednesday last week and my hubby immediately buggered off with his mate (and the two older kids) while I had to endure the trip from hell with my aunt and her two revoltingly feral grandchildren (I’m pretty tolerant, but these brats were PINCHING my baby in the car and wouldn’t stop!). I then "enjoyed" the company of the ferals’ mother (my cousin) and her husband at their beach cottage for dinner (I shouldn’t be so nasty, but this is my least favourite cousin in the world…). My husband and Master Seven were notably absent (at hubby’s best mate’s place, where they sensibly stayed!), but Miss Four sort of enjoyed the company. I was very glad to get home that night! 

Hubby picked us up the next morning to head out to the Western Suburbs to see his aunt, cousin and Nanna. Nan’s 80 next year and we haven’t seen her since our wedding, over five years ago, so it was great to see her (and the other rellies). Also nice to meet a few more of hubby’s family, as I’d only met a couple previously. Thursday night saw us all at dinner with hubby’s buddies from the old days – noisy, lots of stories, and lots of fun. Was very interesting meeting so many of the old crew – have heard a lot about them, and they are just like he always described them! 

Friday was a peaceful morning, then lunch at the cafe on the beach in South Curl Curl. Beautiful day, kids ran amok on the beach, we were joined by my other (slightly more normal), which was nice. Then it was time to head into the city – what a dramah! The loaner car we had wouldn’t start, which meant we were about half an hour late getting started… which meant we hit the traffic. Two and a half hours with three kids in the car, to do a trip of 15 kilometres. Gah. I ended up being on time for the meeting that started at 6.30pm, but instead of having the nice hour or so to settle in, organise dinner, do some washing and so on, I rushed out and had to leave the family to it! Hubby’s aunt and cousin spent the evening with hubby and the kids, which was nice, but meant a very late night for all. My meeting wasn’t too bad in length, but by the time I got back to the room, grabbed something to eat, did the washing and all, it was after midnight. 

Meeting began early on Saturday – hubby and kids stayed in the hotel room all day (I have NO idea why!) and I meetinged all day. I won another ticket to Neil Gaiman on Twitter at about 4ish (love my wireless modem!) and immediately called   (who called back eventually!) to take with me (I’d BOUGHT my ticket the previous week, almost in disbelief that such an event was on while I was in the right city!). She’s done so much for me, and FableCroft, over the past few months (proofer extraordinaire!) and is so much fun to hang out with, so I was delighted she could (change her plans) and join me! We had a lovely chat before and after the show (so much so that she missed her last bus!) and the show was also brilliant. Was a great night. 

Meeting again in the morning from 8 (urk) – didn’t finish til 1pm either, but then we headed straight out to the Northern suburbs again for a family organised picnic in the park. We did get beautiful weather the whole time we were in Sydney, and it was a lovely afternoon, despite nutty semi-relations. Ended up back at hubby’s best mate’s for dinner, and the boys got on the drink, so got driven back to hotel and left him to it. He doesn’t get much of a chance to hang out with his friends, and I figured he was owed it! After all, I have a week in Melbourne to look forward to 🙂 I packed up as much gear as I could while the kids were sleeping, and managed to get us all out of the room before 9am – left the luggage with the hotel and took the kids to brekkie, where hubby met us. We then headed over to Darling Harbour. Miss Four was disappointed that the Ferris Wheel wasn’t operating, but we went to the Sydney Aquarium instead, which was fun (also briefly ran across   and her other half – this is the second time we’ve crossed paths in Sydney when there for completely different purposes!), and then a trip round on the monorail before heading back to hotel to catch shuttle bus.

Didn’t have the great seats with bassinette on the plane this time, but I think we had the only spare economy seat on the plane, so bub got to sleep quite peacefully for a good part of the flight. I really like travelling on Qantas, gotta say. M7 was happy, cos Iron Man 2 was the movie! All kids travelled pretty well, which was good. Home about 7.30pm – everyone pretty much straight to bed and even I only stayed up long enough to get bags ready for the next day!

Hubby left at 4am to go back to work, and we were out of the house by 7am to head to Perth to the judges’ meeting for the WA Premier’s Book Awards. Enjoyed meeting my fellow panellists, and making the decisions – very pleased with the results. Came home to have M4’s best friend for the afternoon (a whole week away!!), but I still managed to snatch a nap with the baby! 

Wednesday meant a child health nurse visit – yes, I officially have an enormous baby (but proportionally so)! Visited the printer about merchandise specs, and took M4 & bub to story time at the library. I spent most of the afternoon working on publishing stuff (mailouts and merchandise). Thursday the baby slept most of the day, so I decided he really needed the doctor, where we went today. I’m not 100% either, and it’s making me tired as well, so glad I went – doc prescribed antibiotics for him (fluid on lungs), so hopefully that’ll sort him out. 

Today has been fairly peaceful otherwise. Am not getting anything done that I should, but ah well! Made failed cookies and great muffins to take to M4’s kindy friend’s house this afternoon. That’s about it! Might finish off the trip photos before I pick the kids up 🙂 Never ends…


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