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Doctor Who in Conversation – Podcast!

While our New Who in Conversation series is still quietly chugging along, Tansy and David are trying to convince me that I need more Classic Who in my life. To that end, we took a slightly different approach and decided to podcast our thoughts on the Third Doctor debut episodes, “Spearhead in Space”. Tansy made the recommendation for a number of reasons, not least for the fact that it was the first appearance of companion Liz Shaw (played by Caroline John, who died recently).

It was a lot of fun to do, it’s David’s first time podcasting (he did a great job!), and I think it will become a (semi) regular feature! You can listen from the Podbean site, or download in iTunes (search The Book Nut or “Doctor Who in Conversation”). Enjoy!

ETA: Very remiss of me not to thank The Silent Producer, Andrew Finch, for tech wrangling us! Thanks Finchy!

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Good day

A fairly quiet one in which I achieved a few things that needed doing. Have even started in on the 40+ subs lurking in my inbox! This morning I had the lawn ladies here, so the outside is looking tidy again. Given the lovely days we’ve been having (up until today, when it rained for the afternoon), we’ll be wanting to swim again soon, so need to start getting things ship shape. The baby slept for a good two and a half hours, which meant productive time for me, and when he woke up, we wandered out to the hair salon. I am so sick of my hair at the moment, so she chopped right into it – no idea how it will look tomorrow once it’s been washed, but I quite like it right now 🙂 Will book in for a colour on the holidays and joosh up for summer.

Have cued up On Indie Press posts right through to mid next week, with hopefully a few more to come. Have really been enjoying reading people’s thoughts on the topic. And Tansy and David and I have finished Season One of our conversational reviews of Doctor Who, which is a lot of fun. I’m writing quite a lot at the moment, but really need to get back to the CBCA reading, because the boxes are speeding up. Lots to come still, which is a bit frightening!

Oh, and I finished tidying up the first episode of my new podcast (titled “The Book Nut” – check me out with my super clever titling skill…!) and got the hosting sorted out. I’ve got two more recording sessions scheduled for next week, then hopefully will start releasing them. Am learning lots of new skills with Garage Band, Audacity, Audio Hijack Pro and Skype! Actually, the past few weeks have been pretty full of new skills – lifelong learner, me!

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