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I just bought a Sony PRS 505 – a little bit accidentally. I put in an offer on one on eBay. And won. I had just finished chatting with J Strahan about his, and, well, it just kind of happened…




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More on e-book readers

Thank you to those who replied to my earlier post – consensus seems to be that a dedicated reader is the better bet, given volume of reading. So what about these?


Clearly the Iliad is teh awesome, but just a touch more than I’d like to pay! The CyBook and HanLin are WAY up the top end of my price range, but if I knew it was going to be worth it…

Any thoughts?

BTW, the link to these popped up on a google ad on my gmail – Google is so clever…


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Oh LJ hive mind, help me!

I desperately want to get a device to read electronically. I can’t stand sitting at my desktop to read, and I really want something I can carry with me easily. Can’t get Kindles in Australia of course. And I really wish Google would decide to blow all these other suckers out of the water with something really cool in an e-reader, but I guess it’s not happening soon. So I’m tossing up. Esteemed colleague Mr Strahan has said nice things about the Sony E-Reader, but these are apparently not sold in Australia either – well, none of the tech places I’ve asked about them have a clue! Clearly we’re ahead of our time here in Aus, wanting to read electronically!

I’m torn. Do I bite the bullet and get myself an I-Phone (and new glasses)? Do I toss my hat in the ring and get an EEE PC? Or do I just say, stuff it, and got for single functionality, and order a Sony from eBay or Amazon? 

I guess I’ll get a lot more use out of the I-Phone than just reading, but chances are it’ll drive me batty with the small screen. EEE PC will let me do other stuff as well, but is a bit dearer and less portable than the other options. E-Reader is limited function which might annoy me for the price, but will mean I’m getting the best reading I guess.

Fors and Againsts?  Anyone?


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