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What do we call typos on the iPhone?

 You know, the ones the phone does when it turns your letters into the wrong word and you send it without noticing? On Twitter, fellow librarian and book geek Mif suggested iPose, while I said TiPhos – vote, or suggest another!

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Grey’s Fix – sorted

Thanks to the miracle that is the interwebs, I now has my Grey’s Anatomy fix. It’s been SOOOOO long since I’ve seen it! Am now read up on the forthcoming season 5. Looks like fun 🙂

In other news, I *heart* my Sony eReader.

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Fucking Telstra

I rang Telstra on Friday, to complain about the fact the Telstra shop would not replace a handset that didn’t work less than two days after purchase. Telstra representative said, "No, that’s not right. Within 10 days of purchase it should be replaced. I’ll put one in the post today." ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!

Which meant a) I had to get the fucked handset back from Bundaberg Telstra shop, and send it back, get new handset, activate it, send loan phone back to stupid Bundaberg Telstra shop, and b) NEVER DEAL WITH TELSTRA SHOP AGAIN – if you want something from Telstra (and yes, we have to deal with them because of country service issues)

Amazingly, after two (unreturned) phone calls to the shop, and a curt but detailed email, the old handset came back Express Post yesterday. Telstra on the phone stuffed up by putting the order in the wrong name (married vs maiden) and so the new handset didn’t get delivered Monday but should be here tomorrow, so I *may* have a working Apple iPhone by the end of the week. We’ll see…

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Very annoyed

Cost of new i-phone = deferred on contract plan
Time spent fiddling with new i-phone since getting it yesterday morning = six hours
Time spent re-inputting all mobile numbers that didn’t import over = one hour
Annoyance when brand new i-phone suddenly won’t work anymore = fucking immeasurable.

What the FUCK! I just finished inputting all the numbers that didn’t come over, went to send a text, and nothing works. The screen comes on, but it’s like it’s frozen. Can’t slide to open, can’t scroll, can’t even turn the fucker off to restart it and hope for the best because to turn it off, you gotta slide! Argh! Tried taking out SIM, didn’t do anything but lock the phone. Fucked. Fucker. Fuck.

And what’s with the lack of a decent instruction  book? Hell, I know I never read them, but surely a troubleshooting guide wouldn’t hurt? And no reset button!

Someone tell me there’s something really simple I’ve done wrong. Please.


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The accidental techno geek…

My husband needed a new mobile phone handset.

Naturally this resulted in the purchase of a new Apple I-Phone. For me.

*giggles and runs away to play with the I-Phone*

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