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In search of a nice cup of tea

Two in two days! Yesterday, I finally managed to catch up with the lovely Kate Gordon and her Tiger, along with Monissa, at Swamp (Invermay). It was a noisy and boisterous visit, with Master Three not so sure he liked sharing the spotlight with two babies, but fun, nonetheless. We had completely forgotten that the CBCA Shortlists would be announced that day, so spent a little time checking out the Notables and wondering what might make the grade. And I delivered Kate her author copies of One Small Step, which was great! The tea though, I’m still not sure I can comment on, as ratbag kids meant I didn’t get to enjoy mine at its best. It was looseleaf in a teapot though, with cute little milk bottles! Master Three was impressed with the choccies served on the side as well. I’ll have to give it yet another shot at some point!

Today saw an impromptu catch up with Susan to check out Blue, at the Tramshed at Inveresk. It felt much posher than any of the others I’ve tried in Launceston (and the prices certainly reflected that). The service was good, though the delivery of food was surprisingly slow. And it was really noisy! The tea was just delightful though – I think they use T2 tea (as did Swamp, I think), and the water was super hot! We asked for a hot water top up when we’d finished our first pots and received these quickly, which was great. A really nice one, for sure, though as I said, quite expensive (especially the food). We got a comfy couch though, which was great with Bubs, and even though we were there for nearly two hours, I didn’t feel like they were evil-eying us to move on.



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Questing for tea: The Pantry

Another Monissa suggestion to try, so we met up this morning to have a go at The Pantry, in Charles Street. Friendly, efficient service, reasonable prices, and a very interesting separate “lounge” with kids toys, comfy lounges and room for prams! The tea was teabag in a teapot, but it was very nice, a generous serving with lots of milk on the side. We also had hot cross buns for a snack, which were yummy! In all, happy to visit again, especially when the kids are in tow.

Master Three, Bubs and I wandered through Target on our way to our appointments today, and finally bit the bullet and picked up M3’s new car seat, as we need to do some switching around of seats. We then headed to a friend’s for another cup of tea and a chat (and to meet their new puppy, an absolutely ADORABLE Labradoodle!), but we couldn’t stay too long as we had to get to the new house to meet the builder. Another friend recommended him, and he is fantastic. Having said that, we don’t have a quote yet, but I really felt comfortable with him. SO looking forward to moving to our new house when the small renos are complete (we want to build in a fifth bedroom, repaint and lay new tiles/carpet, in particular – also looking at installing solar, and adding a carport and back patio at some point). Busy busy!

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In search of a good cup of tea (and a bookstore)

I DECLARE THE SEARCH IS OVER! Today we found a lovely cafe in a central Launceston location that served REAL TEA! Really hot! At great prices and with fantastic service!

The Kameo Coffee Lounge, in St John Street, is lovely. It has a misleadingly small entry, but extends into a larger area and outside space, and we managed to fit the pram through the aisle with no real issue. And they certainly didn’t mind. I saw them assist other mums to find a spot, and the cafe is very child friendly, with toys, colouring table and highchairs available. It’s not posh, and probably some people won’t LIKE the child-friendliness, but I sure do. The service is excellent – efficient and genuinely friendly. Husband and I enjoyed a brunch breakfast meal which was well-priced, well-cooked and generously portioned. And the TEA! We ordered tea for two and we got china teapot with loose leaf tea, super hot, with a second jug of super hot water to top up with, and a generous jug of milk. Lovely! And very yummy. I unreservedly recommend this one, and will go back any time I’m in the CBD. Will have to take a coffee-drinker with me to see if the coffee is as nice as the tea πŸ™‚

Oh, and it is very conveniently located next to the excellent Fullers Launceston bookshop. Which is not necessarily a good thing, because it means you will almost certainly walk away poorer than you walked in, thanks to their fantastic range – despite my love of online book buying and the ease of Kindle buying, I always find something in Fullers on my “must read” list! And they have a great Doctor Who range – being the ABC shop too. Nella is very involved in CBCA and is an excellent enabler for YA and kids books, particularly!

So yes, two thumbs way up for Kameo Coffee Lounge. But I won’t really stop questing for good cups of tea, because the search is such fun!

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In search of a good cup of tea

Today I tried a new place, on the recommendation of Monissa (who joined me!). We met up at the QVMAG (Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery) cafe. It was unprepossessing – disappointing decor for a cafe in a cool museum/art space, though a converted train carriage does act as seating space, which is cool. The tea itself was pleasant enough, though teabag in a teapot. Nice china jug for milk, and interesting cups (nothing matched, which my mum would have conniptions about!) but regular Twinings English Breakfast. Nice, but no standout.

A bit disappointing that the lady running the cafe actually arrived well after the advertised opening time of 10am, and took some time to set up (no rush to serve us). And there was next to nothing by the way of food – blueberry muffins from the fridge, nothing savoury.

However, I’m really glad we went. Firstly, I got to catch up with Monissa, which was lovely! Secondly, I finally visited the QVMAG, which I highly recommend – it’s free and there’s heaps to look at & interact with. And it was VERY pram (and hopefully, by extrapolation, wheelchair) friendly. We’ll be going back soon!

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In search of a good cup of tea

I like a nice cup of tea. I’m quite content with a good teabag at home, though I experiment with loose tea in a pot too. But I’ve noticed recently how hard it is to get a decent cup when we’re out and about. So few places offer an authentic tea drinking experience! When I pay for tea (and I’m not talking about anything fancy, just a regular tea), I would like loose leaf tea in a teapot, with a china cup. I don’t want a teabag in a teapot. I don’t want a takeaway cup when I’m sitting in. I don’t want a cup of hot water where I pay for the privilege of making it myself! It’s really starting to bug me, so I’m going to document my quest for a great tea drinking experience!

I want to note that since I’ve been in Launceston, the nicest cup of tea I’ve had (apart from those drunk at the Flinthart residence, made with rainwater and Real milk!) has, weirdly, been at the Bunnings cafe – teabag tea, but really nice! That’s just not right…

Some places tried thus far:
I like the local Banjos stores for their kid-friendly atmosphere and yummy food, but the make your own tea thing is annoying.

Gloria Jeans, Kings Meadows: wouldn’t normally go into a GJ just on principle, but husband wanted to try it. I won’t go back. Got hot water in a takeaway cup with a teabag, in a sit down cafe. Service was friendly enough, but no.

Le Cafe, East Launceston: tried this out this morning. It’s a tiny little place, but has great customer service. Sadly though, it was a Twinings teabag in a pot. I can drink Twinings at home! Nice menu and atmosphere though.

Holy Guacamole, Launceston: fairly slow service in this purported Mexican restaurant/coffee shop – I think the place has a bit of an identity crisis! Again, teabag in a teapot, and I had to ask for extra milk here, as it was a bit stingy. An interesting experience.

Relax Cafe and Espresso Bar, Newstead: another tiny cafe, only had four tables I think, and another teabag cuppa. Very generic.

Swamp Cafe, Invermay: pleasant service and reasonable food range, but teabag in a pot.

I think that’s about the only cafes I’ve tried so far. Am now on the hunt for somewhere I can get a proper tea experience! Any recommendations?


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