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Star Trek the second…

 Okay, so I took the kids to watch Star Trek in IMAX this afternoon. For someone who’s not a Trekkie, I’m enjoying this movie just a little too much… But both kids were good (Miss 3 got a bit restless after one of the scarier bits, and whispered all through it *sigh*) and again I wonder why the "M" rating? Maybe I’m just a product of my generation, but I don’t see level of violence (and barely any sexy stuff or swearing) as warranting the rating these days. 

Second viewing (interrupted twice by Miss 3 toilet breaks!) was just as much fun, and even a little better cos I picked up stuff I missed first round, like Ensign Redshirt! Not sure the CGI worked as well in IMAX – the SFX were just a *bit* more obvious… And the camera shake technique (yes, I’m SURE that’s not the correct terminology!) used in all the fight scenes was more obvious second time around (particularly on the bigger screen) – clearly easier (cheaper?) to use that than have believable hand to hand combat? But still good! If you aren’t planning to see this, but you do like good fun, romping action movies, you really should reconsider. Sure, there’s a little bit of cheese (Those fat hands? The short skirts? Bones? 🙂 ), but it’s all good fun, and only in small doses, just enough to remember the original series…

Still a coupla big thumbs up!


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Star Trek reviews!

Tee hee (via Em on Facebook).

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Star Trek reviews!

Tee hee (via Em on Facebook).

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Star Trek! You all missed out big time :)

So up front, I’m NOT a Trekkie from way back. I’ve seen a couple of the big screen films, I’ve seen a few old eps, but my Trek time has mostly been Next Gen, and not for a fair while. My Trek knowledge is rusty, and many of you may think the premiere was wasted upon me. You may be right (and to those who could have come but didn’t, I say darn you all!), but Trekkie or not, I enjoyed the HECK out of this!

I do have concerns that I liked it so much BECAUSE I don’t have preconceived ideas of what character and story *should* do in this film. The reasons I loved it might turn out to be the reasons fans of old Trek hate it with a blinding passion. I can’t know. But I thought it was a great flick, I thought it was cleverly done, well executed, and I really enjoyed the actors. Not been completely familiar with the old characters, I’m not 100% sure, but I think they did a pretty good job of matching up the youngsters, and the youngsters executed their roles pretty well, in my opinion. I’m really interested to see what old school Trekkies think!

I don’t *think* you can spoiler a prequel, but having said that, the premise they’ve based this film on might negate that statement. So I’m going to put some *possible* spoilers out of order at the end under a cut – if someone tells me that they’re not spoilers, I’ll remove the cut! 🙂

We were bag-checked and electronics scanned on the way into the cinema, but if I’d had my phone, and could have microblogged it, this is what I would have said! (Transcribed from notes written in the dark…)

* Lineup out the door!
* Had to hand in phones and cameras – forgot I had my camera in my bag! Oops.
* Scanned by metal detectors! Wow!
* V. friendly, happy crowd.
* Hah! Some guy came in costume. He’s the ONLY ONE but he got a round of applause!

* Starts out with a bang!
* Wha? Who is Nemo?
* emotional ping early on…
* Li’l Spock and Li’l Kirk are cute!
* Sylar rocks as Spock!
* Should I know who Spock’s mum is? What’s with that bosom?!
* Cute cuts between glimpses of Kirk and Spock growing up…
* WTF is Leonard McCoy?
* Ohhhh, Bones, right…

* Aw man! I wanted to see some training!
* Oh! Bana! That’s who! Duh.
* Why the fucking short skirts? Surely by the whatever the fuck century it is we can have equal opportunity uniforms! Really, did they need to stick to canon like that?
* Some dorky funny stuff – giggles from the crowd.
* Music a bit obvious…
* Awesome cool fight scenes.
* Kinda lost a little suspense as we all know who lives … or do we?
* Kirk’s kinda insane, right?
* Eric Bana has rockin’ tatts!
* Nimoy cool! Much cooler than I thought he’d be!
* Teenage baby Enterprise crew – too cool! It’s like a YA flick!

* Whole new gen of fans from this flick I reckon.
* Now I *wanna* wach original Trek!

Right – I’m not sure if what lies beneath are spoilerish. I’m very wary of doing the wrong thing on this one, but I’d love for someone who knows old Trek and would care if they got a *possible* spoil to tell me if it is or not!

Possible, maybe, have no idea but *could* be spoilers under here…!


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