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Spec Fic for Kids has a Table of Contents!

Well, almost. So I’m not sharing it yet, but all stories have been read, accepted or rejected or rewrite/resub requested (except for one, which is under special consideration), and the TOC has shaped up very nicely. There’s a broad range of style, genre and age target, which is what I was aiming for! Science fiction proper is a little light on, but sadly that seems common in the Australian spec fic scene, and I’m glad I got the quality subs I did in that area. There’s a lot of darker stuff, some great fun stuff, and I’m really pleased with the stories the authors have contributed.

Slushreading for this was hard, because the standard of submissions was really strong. I had a couple that I felt didn’t meet the age range, and one or two that simply weren’t spec fic in my eyes, but I was impressed with the quality overall.

So as it stands, I have 23 firm acceptances, one story being reworked at my request, and another two pending resubmission (plus the special consideration one – sekrit!). This is a lot of stories! But because of the word count of around 3500 words or less, it’s still within my desired word count, which is good 🙂

I also have some great illustrators already on board, and a couple more in mind to approach. Now to start editing!


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Some Twelfth Planet Press updates

Horn has been receiving some nice reviews, most recently in Queensland’s Courier Mail yesterday – no online link unfortunately, but we’ll be posting bits and pieces 🙂

New Ceres Nights
has also surfaced in a book blog review over at   – good to see the books out and about!

This past week or so has seen a lot of proofing for Deborah Biancotti’s collection A Book of Endings, launching at Continuum next month – dark and deep and somewhat twisty, with beautiful Biancotti soul.

I’ve also spent a bit of time working on some advertising stuff for Twelfth Planet Press, which is now out it the wild.

And this is the last week of the open reading period for (working title) Spec Fic for Kids – submission guidelines are here: http://twelfthplanetpress.wordpress.com/2009/05/20/spec-fic-for-kids-submission-call/ 

If you are really keen to submit but the deadline is looking ominous to you, drop me a line, as I’m a bit flexible for authors I know/have worked with in the past. 

I’m also hitting a stumbling block on the title. Spec Fic for Kids was only intended to be a working title, but now I can’t think of anything else! Suggestions gratefully received!

/TPP Tehani Update


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Call for Submissions: Spec Fic for Kids

Submissions are now open for an anthology of original speculative fiction stories aimed at the 9-13 year old market.

With a working title of “Spec Fic for Kids”, the aim for this anthology is to collect excellent stories by Australian authors (to be illustrated by Australian artists) into a work that not only stands as a book of enjoyable reading, but one that will also be marketed to schools, with an accompanying website offering free downloadable resources to utilise with each story in the classroom.

The anthology (and accompanying website) is aimed at a Worldcon 2010 launch.

Editor Tehani Wessely is seeking story submissions BY AUSTRALIAN AUTHORS between 1000 to 3500 words, in any of the speculative fiction subgenres, by July 31st, 2009.

Artists and teachers are also invited to express interest in collaborating on the project.

Minimum payment will be AUD$50.00 plus contributor copy.

Submissions should be made by email, attached in rtf file and formatted to usual submission standards to:

Tehani Wessely – specficforkids@gmail.com

Submissions close July 31st, 2009

Open to Australian authors only.


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