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Sleep ins needed

Any suggestions on how to train an almost 18 month old to sleep in? He’s shattered at night by 6pm but even forcing him to stay up til 7pm still generally means a 5-5.30am wakeup. It’s driving me stark staring BONKERS!
He sleeps pretty well at night, but the early starts are killing me. I refuse to get up to him until at least 6am, but of course once I’m awake I’m awake, so this doesn’t actually help the amount of sleep I get. Suggestions most welcome!

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And in other news…

…I’m really tired. I think the sleep monster is around, stealing sleep. I’ve been going to bed too late (there’s a lot going on that has been time sensitive) but sometimes for stupid reasons. Like Monday night, I was sorting presents and ironing . I got a late start on it (due to myriad other things) and Bones finished before I had. So I put on St Trinians to watch (early b’day present for self!) thanks to a rec from cassiphone (shakes fist). A number I times I remember thinking, I could stop this, it’s a DVD, and go to bed… But it was 1am before the movie ended 🙂

Last night was school awards night, so didn’t get to bed til after midnight, and hubby’s alarm went off at 4.30 (turn, off, repeating, alarm, on, phone, when, home, from, work…!) and THEN some moron rang him! Eastern states… Then Miss 3 was in bed, so no more sleep for me. I’m coping okay. I think that’s cos I’m so busy at work, but could wish for an early night tonight – which isn’t going to happen as I’m going with the girls from work to early dinner and a viewing of Australia. Will be fun. But wearying.

Work is flat out because our renos have been greenlighted and fast tracked! Builders come in about 7 working days! I will come back from holidays to a brand new space, but lots and lots has to be done before then. Plus usual end of year stuff chasing books from kids (and teachers!).

Anyway, is nearly 6am now, so I’ll go and get organised for the day. Hope this is reasonably coherant!

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So I did something I shouldn’t have…

I drank a 600ml Diet Coke at 7pm. I did so deliberately, because I had so very much I wanted to get done this evening and I was very tired. I achieved everything I wanted to except for work paperwork I brought home, and then got some other stuff done too. But now I wonder if I’ll ever sleep again…

This is bad, because I was already slightly floaty today at work, after the long hours and not enough sleep for the weekend (and probably quite a few days prior). Goodness knows what I’ll be like tomorrow!

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