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I have an excuse, really!

These long gaps between posts have become more the norm than not, which is a bit sad. Twitter and Facebook tend to suck out a fair bit of what I used to blog, but this time, it’s not the only reason for the radio silence! After a good school holiday break in which the family and I kept pretty busy (but stayed home mostly, other than me spending the last weekend in Sydney at the Sydney Writers’ Centre Speculative Fiction Festival), I went back to work feeling good, as you’d expect. Nice and rested, all caught up on things, ready for another big term.

That lasted a week. On the first Friday night of term I went to bed early, but within a short while was feeling a bit odd. Our nanny had been ill with a tummy bug just that morning, so I thought it was probably the same thing – unpleasant, but over in a relatively short time. So I put up with the pain, even though I couldn’t sleep. By midnight, I was exhibiting all the symptoms, but the pain seemed to be getting worse. And worse. And then more worse. By about 4am, I probably should have called the ambulance and gone to the hospital, but I held out until 6am, then woke the nanny and got her to take me to Emergency. Apparently 6ish on a Saturday morning is a good time to get sick because there was no one else there and I was ushered straight through and into a bed. The pain was absolutely awful, and I could have kissed the lovely nurse who finally administered morphine through the IV – that stuff is astonishing, though it still took at least half an hour for my body to unclench all the muscles I reckon!

IMG_0713Early diagnosis indicated probably appendicitis, but I had a barrage of tests throughout the day, including an MRI, before they pronounced it the case. Up to the surgical ward I went that evening, but didn’t get the operation until Sunday morning. Relatively straightforward, thank goodness, a laparoscopic appendectomy with no major issues (though I had a bruise on the back of my hand from an IV I never saw for WEEKS after!). I managed to get up and about within a few hours, and felt okay about it. A fairly sleepless night thanks to a very annoying young woman in the bed across the way, but I was allowed to go home Monday morning.

All good, right? Well, I thought so. Sleep wasn’t terribly easy, and I wasn’t really feeling all that great, despite regular naps and doing nothing at all. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, my pain racheted up and I got my husband to take me back to the hospital, because it didn’t feel right. Cue another big round of tests (another MRI, chest x-ray and a VERY thorough ultrasound), another night in hospital, with no real outcome. The pain had abated, and so I went home again.

IMG_0747I shuffled around the house for a few days, worked up to driving on the weekend (cos kids, right), and then presented at the doctor on the Tuesday to get the “fit for work” clearance required by my work. Ah, nope, says the doctor. My pain still wasn’t great, and it turns out my x-ray and MRI showed some lower lung collapse and fluid, which accounted for the fact I couldn’t get a deep breath (and probably the pain too!). Doctor prescribes some stonking penicillin and sends me home for the rest of the week. The new antibiotics worked great, and I started to feel better within hours – magic stuff!

So I eventually get back to work on the Monday, after two weeks wombling around the house feeling horrid. Things seemed to be on the mend. I got better as the week went on. And then on the Saturday I woke up with a super stiff neck and the start of a head cold. By Monday, aches and pains and lightheadedness had started too. And so I’ve spent the past two weeks battling the flu! Ended up back at the doctor again last Monday, because the pain I’d had before recurred, so I figured it was the same issue – seems so, because some more antibiotics set me to rights! And now, though I’m still not 100%, I’m well on the road to being so!

I’m very grateful to live in a time where we can be treated for the things I’ve had these past few weeks, and to live in a country with a free (well, other than the GP visits!) healthcare system. The Canberra hospital staff were excellent, and I while I don’t know how much they are paid, the nurses deserve more. They’re amazing.

IMG_0725You know who else is amazing? My staff at work – they just made all the things happen and kept me up to date. They sent flowers and brought food and cake and kind wishes. I’m super lucky.

And who else? My au pair, Trisha – have no idea how we would have coped without her!

And that’s my excuse for the past five weeks. The six or eight before that? Erm, well…life!

Currently I’m working on having two books (one print, one e-only) ready for Conflux in Canberra on the first weekend in October – I’m a guest at the con, and really looking forward to it! Four weeks left of term, and a busy holiday period ahead. Bring it on in good health!

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Okay germs, you can go now…

I sent the baby to daycare yesterday with no inkling at all he might potentially be unwell. 2pm they rang saying he had a high temp and was grumpy and wouldn’t sleep. I was about to walk into the hairdresser so husband went to collect him. When I arrived home later, poor bub was crashed out on his daddy, hot and clearly not well. He ended up in bed by 5.30am, slept til 1.45am, fed, had some pain relief, went back to sleep until 5.30am. Took him to the doctor this morning and he has a raging ear infection again. *sigh* Back on antibiotics, poor bub, but already perking up, which is good!

We’re really hoping to get the last of the sickness out of the way before we go visiting the family on the holidays!

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So remember those germ buckets?

Between them and the marking, I’ve lost the last three weeks even more comprehensively than the month before that! Time, what is it? I had two batches of marking come in with pretty much the same deadline, and started a new sessional job as well. Naturally, that’s when the kids dropped like stones. Poor Master Ten ended up in the emergency room for five hours with suspected appendicitis (it wasn’t , but they couldn’t rule it out – still don’t know whether it was appendix related or something else!). As husband was away, that meant I too was in emergency room. With baby and Master Three in tow (managed to farm Miss Seven off to a friend’s, where she stayed overnight, which was great). And no book, no iPad, a dying phone and no charger – very poorly prepared! We got through it. All the boys were really very good, so I must be doing something right!

Poor Bubs wasn’t 100% at the time, and he went downhill pretty quick. I thought initially it might be teething, or maybe a lingering issue from his ear infection, but it just hung around and hung around. Temps, a nose that was so snotty he couldn’t even FEED properly on one day, and generally grumpiness and clinginess. Eventually took him to the doctor, but he said there was no infection so just had to persevere. So we did. At the same time, while husband was away, I sleep deprived myself in order to break the baby of the nighttime waking habits – the first two nights were awful, but things did improve and now, it seems, we have a baby who sleeps from about 7pm to between 5 and 6am – which is totally something I can live with! Should have “fixed” him months ago!

And in there I wrangled four kids, got started on the marking (very very slowly) and tried to keep up with CBCA reading and FableCroft work as well. Something had to give, and that was housework! Bit the bullet and got a cleaner in for a couple of hours to fix the house enough I felt happy with the baby wandering about on the floors. Which he is doing TERRIBLY CAPABLY – we now have a proper crawler, and a flipping STAIR CLIMBER! I ordered a stair gate for the big stairs which arrived yesterday. A bit of peace of mind, though the two small sets into the lounge/study are still a little concerning – not so much the going up, but the recent attempts at DOWN are downright frightening. I think it will most likely end with tears, and can only hope not blood or broken bones!

Then, right as I was ramped up into the last three days of marking, I started to feel unwell myself. Initially thought it might have been wisdom teeth, then it migrated around my jaw and settled in my throat. Owwwwww. A few terrible nights’ sleep, lots of pain, mild temps and feeling of nausea. Panadol got me through the marking though, and though I did go to the doctor, was again told no infection so nothing to be done but treat the symptoms. *sigh*

Anyway, that’s all done now. Still have sessional and forum monitoring, but no marking for a couple of weeks (before another blitz). It looks like I have a contract to write a new unit for one of my unis though, which is pretty cool. Even cooler is that the bulk of that work won’t really start until the main marking is over, which is good! And somewhere in there, I have four books to get out in the next six weeks, and of course CBCA reading continues, as does Aurealis Awards wrangling – busy busy! But what’s new? 🙂

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An interesting week

See my iTunes? 🙂

Although one that’s been a bit sleep deprived. I’ve noticed that if I start watching too much tv (or more specifically, tv on my computer – not sure it makes a difference but it’s when I notice it), I stop sleeping well. As in, takes ages to fall asleep, wake up numerous times and permanently much earlier than normal. Last time it happened I was mainlining True Blood. This time it’s Doctor Who. Yep, thanks to the ever increasing pressure from Tansy (not true, she just makes me WANT to watch things. And read things. And listen to things – stop it!), I finally succumbed to New Who. Well, that’s not entirely true either. The final impetus came from the fact that Neil Gaiman wrote an episode. And I couldn’t just watch THAT episode, could I? And even THAT isn’t completely the entire picture, because if I hadn’t come home from the Sydney Aurealis Awards on a lovely new plane that let me watch my own private tv (which happened to have a bunch of S5 DW episodes), it might never have happened! So, a lovely confluence of events led to my overdosing to New Who. I started with S5 with Matt Smith as my doctor, and caught up to the middle of S6 (the second half of the season starts in seven days!), then went back to S1. And now I’m almost done! I finished S4 yesterday (and fine, I also like David Tennant, happy?) and two of the specials, which means I’ve only got three episodes left! Happily, S6 starts up again in a week, and of course, there’s then all these lovely episodes on my computer should I feel the need to revisit. And about a million episodes of Classic Who, should I REALLY get it bad! But really, it’ll be good when I’m done because I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE! Am addicted. Plus, not sleeping. TV is bad for you.

So that’s most of what I’ve been doing this week really! 🙂 I managed a bit of slush reading one night, which was nice because the submissions have ramped up a bit this week. Still over a month til the end of the reading period and I’m over 60 subs and counting. A couple of outright acceptances, a few held stories, a LOT of rejections. Vast majority of the subs so far from international (particularly US) authors. And overwhelmingly dominated by male authors at this stage. Will be interesting to do the stats at the end of this one.

Got a fair bit done at work this week – we had our new praccie come in to meet us (she seems nice – we have her for the last two weeks of term), figured out some solutions to library management system problems that have been plaguing us since we implemented the software, got some actual teaching done, and finished researching the assignment I have to do for accreditation. Still have to write it, but have the research! Wanted to start work on an informative newsletter for staff yesterday but got called to childcare for a sick Miss Five. She’s got high temps and a sore throat and head – was her turn apparently!

Hopefully we’re off to my cousin’s for lunch today (pending doctor visit) – haven’t seen them in AGES so really looking forward to it. Best go get ready now!

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Oh, do I work here?

Thanks to a variety of illnesses, I have spent about a half day at work since Tuesday a week ago. I only do three days a week and last Friday was Miss Five home sick, Monday was Bub (took both to the doctor, both times told nothing really could be done), Tuesday I went to work but got called to pick up Master Seven at 1.30, and then on Friday I took Bub in to daycare but they wouldn’t take him. Spent an hour or so at work anyway, as one of my library assistants was (planned) absent and the other had to do a big morning tea for a whole bunch of visiting staff. I spent the time with the TAFE prac student who had been there for three days (she does two days a week for the term) who I hadn’t met yet. 

Baby seemed okay for a couple of hours, but then went downhill again and was pretty miserable for the day. Interestingly, he is having trouble sleeping during the day – I think it’s the cough/sore throat that wakes him up, because he’s usually an excellent napper. He’s still sleeping pretty well at night, although I have to resettle him more than usual. Hope he gets better soon though. Two big front teeth might be the culprit for some of his problems! 

So other than caring for kids, I’ve been marking uni assignments, working on some FableCroft stuff (we got a flurry of great reviews this week, which was lovely – check them out here), reading a bit, and working on school stuff at home. Hoping to have normal week next week!

Oh, did I mention we had birthday parties to attend? Last Saturday we managed to get to one of M5’s mate’s party, although she was too sick the next day to go to another she was invited to. The Saturday one was a pirate party, so we all dressed up. Was fun! 

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