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Getting well

So I’ve been sick for a week now, hence the lack of posting here. Stayed home last Wednesday with Master One, who had been battling high temps for a few days and seemed quite unwell. After a marathon nap, he had perked right up, but I was on the downhill slide. Thursday was horrible, as I slept terribly on Wednesday night. I actually put M1 in his cot for over an hour and fell asleep (even though he didn’t!). I couldn’t even THINK about work on Friday and once all the kids were at school/daycare, I slept for most of the day. I can’t even remember the last time that happened. Picked them up about 5.30pm and once they were in bed, zonked out again.

Saturday wasn’t much fun – needed to do washing and tidy up, which I gradually did throughout the day. Miss Five went to a birthday party for a couple of hours, and I slept when M1 had his nap (luckily M8 is relatively self-entertaining as long has he has his DSi!). Then husband FINALLY came home, so all parental responsibility was turned over to him for most of the next five days! Spent half of Sunday asleep, and though I went to work on Monday, feeling a bit better, I don’t remember much of it and am fairly sure I wasn’t terribly productive! Everyone kept telling me I looked awful – nice!

Woke about 4am Tuesday morning with a hideous headache that I just could not budge. Despite this, I had to go to both hair and beauty salon (preparation for Friday night – WA Premier’s Book Awards!) – least fun I’ve ever had on a pamper day 😦 Went to the doctor as well, but he just told me it had to pass – advised decongestants, which I refuse to take (last time I did I ended up with a sinus infection that laid me out for weeks), but the chemist suggested some treatments which helped a little. Headache stuck around until this morning though. Went in to work yesterday (had some stuff I really had to get done) but came home at lunchtime. And yep, slept some more. Blah.

But today, I’ve been most productive! Still feel rotten in the head, but managed to finish the washing AND most of the folding, as well as catch up on a bunch of things that have been let slip over the past week. Even cleaned the leaves out of the pool! So the spirit is willing and the flesh only semi-weak now. Tomorrow I am taking M1 to the eye specialist (appointment made three months ago after several bouts of conjunctivitis – which of course he hasn’t had since) in the morning, but hopefully will get most of the day at work. Last day of term! How the heck did that happen?!


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The plague! The plague!

Given the fact each member of the household has been dragged down by one infection or another in recent weeks, it was bound to come around to my turn again. I had tonsillitis a while ago (for the first time ever – I’d always wondered why people complained so much about what was, to my mind, essentially a sore throat. Yes, I won’t make that assumption again) but have managed to ward off the other bugs and viruses my lovely family tried very hard to share with me! Master Eight is still not fully recovered from his own throat infection (not being able to take the medicine without gagging probably doesn’t help), Miss Five has a yucky cough which followed a bit of a temperature spike the other day. Otherwise she seems okay though! And of course, the baby with his ear infection, who is recovering very nicely (he looks forward to his medicine – it must taste nice!). So on Thursday I started sneezing and getting a bit sniffly in the morning. By the afternoon my eyes were burning and my head was stuffy. Yesterday the stuffy head and runny nose continued in full swing, although I went to work and generously shared my germs with everyone there. Today is about the same as Thursday mostly – better than yesterday at least. Fingers crossed I avoid any further symptoms and get all better by Monday!

Beware, the plague!


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