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Only day 3??

It’s hard to believe this is only the third day of a very extended break. Wore myself right out yesterday first shopping then shed cleaning. Really wanted to fill the skip up, so was quite ruthless. Found everything I was looking for, chucked a heap of stuff and restored some semblence of order to the frightful mess. Was so sweaty and stuffed by the end that Miss Four and I jumped straight in the pool. Bliss!

Shopping expedition was a semi-success. Bought a bassinet on sale at Target (which I took back today as it was missing it’s wheels!) and took my new watch in to be fixed (clasp buggered after a month) to find I’m going to be without it for a month. Bah. Still, also got kids’ haircuts, my eyebrows, groceries, successful Santa photo and some other bits and pieces. Calling it a win.

Today dropped in to say proper goodbye to daycare, and put in enrolments for later next year. Then doctor appointment (34 weeks tomorrow) and back to Target to return bassinet. Went down to Port Kennedy to go to Baby on a Budget and got bassinet I actually wanted! I think I’m in the *nesting* phase!

Might pop up to Willetton tomorrow to visit Education World for the first time. And need to get spare room organized for parents – have to hide baby things cos mum doesn’t want to know baby gender!

Time to drag kids out of the pool I think 🙂

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Well, that was, mmmm, expensive. Decided to go to the big shopping centre today, because I wanted eyebrows done at my regular place, and that meant I could get everything we needed today with only one stop. Bad idea. I’ve been avoiding the shopping centre assiduously, for two reasons – a) it’s been revoltingly busy in there ever since they opened the new sections, and b) if I just go to IGA for groceries, we spend less money.

Today, kids got haircuts and some (needed) winter clothes, and shoes, mostly on sale at Target which was nice. A particular bargain was the Barbie brand set for Miss 3 which was on sale for 20% off but scanned at $10 cheaper than its ticketed price to start with, so went through at $15 off! Win! However, things that we DIDN’T need (such as two new shirts for me and a pair of boots) also made it into the trolley… We did get some mother’s day things as well though.

I finally caved and went into Smiggle today, primarily because I wanted to get something nice for mum for starting her new job / career (full time permanent, aged 59 – who says we’re in recession!), and they had the CUTEST USB hangmen – so I made that MY mother’s day present for next weekend… 🙂

And then there was a trolley full of groceries that’s mostly snacks and drinks for tomorrow – have no idea if three people or thirty will turn up for free books and food, but I thought I’d better be prepared! Nothing will go to waste though, as we have a Swancon 36 meeting next weekend, and then my library is hosting the Biggest Morning Tea in a few weeks, so it’s all good 🙂

Am now weary, as we had a 4.30 wakeup this morning with big boy sneezing himself silly and deciding my bed would make it stop. Ha. Lucky I went to bed early for once!

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Shopping is how the day was spent (with a brief interlude for a strangely random meeting with friends). I think over the past few weeks I have blown my clothes budget for the year! But I bought the most prettiful dress today…

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