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Predicting the future

It’s a bad time to try to sell a house – we know this. But it’s still disheartening to spend the morning cleaning to have the people inspecting spend about three minutes in the place. Ah well. I think we’re ready to throw in the towel on selling and decide to hold out til the end of the year, then rent it. I suppose it gives us more options doing that, which is good. Well, more and less options. If we sell, we can buy something else if we choose. If we don’t sell, we could come back if we freeze too much. Who can tell the future? Anyway, we’re starting to work on departing after Christmas. But we’ll see.

Was going to head up to the KSP Spec Fic Awards presentation, but really just can’t be stuffed. Ideally would be happy curled up on the couch either reading one of the books I’ve started or watching a bit more Doctor Who. Am up to Season 4 now – and yes, am completely hooked. I blame Neil Gaiman, for writing an episode that meant I decided to watch the darn show! Instead though, feral children combined with rainy windy weather (precluding the park) force us out – am going to take the little beasts to the indoor pool. Not the baby, he’s not all that well, but the big kids. Baby will not be impressed that he doesn’t get to swim, so I predict it won’t be a very long visit.

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The weekend is over

I’m really tired at the moment. The baby has been waking up super early again, after a period where I thought we’d finally got him into the habit of post-6am starts. The past three mornings he’s been super wet when I go in to him, so have finally reverted to Huggies nappies to see if that helps. Used to have to do that with both the others – Snugglers for days, Huggies for nights, but not so with this one, til now. Plus I’m not sure Huggies are as good as they were a few years ago!

We had two home opens this weekend – no-one came to yesterday’s but there was a few through today, the agent said, which is good. She also reckons the market might be on a little upswing (in terms of sales at least, not prices), so fingers crossed. We’re switching from home open to by appointment now, thank goodness. Yes, it will mean keeping the house more tidy ALL the time, but at least if we get a short notice appointment, they will expect the house to look lived in. I was starting to go a little barmy getting things ready for the home opens. Do not like the growl-y mummy who comes out when trying to tidy around three kids. Who are really very good and don’t deserve to be yelled at!

We went to Mandurah yesterday for a visit with the Batt-clan, which was very pleasant, and today we took ourselves out to lunch, then to the movies to see Cars 2 (2D). I enjoyed what I saw of it, but after a short nap, baby woke screaming and wouldn’t settle. It’s the second time in two movies he’s done this, so I’m thinking we might need to not take him to see them anymore. Meaning no more family movies all together for a while. It’s annoying, because it was never a problem with the first two! He’s different in so many ways. Still lovely though 🙂

I had planned an early night tonight, but that’s gone by the wayside. It’s been a very bloggy type of day today and it’s still going! But I really must go catch some sleep. Work tomorrow! Whatever shall I do now I’ve finished the weeding? (goes off to count the millions of jobs that need doing…)

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Selling houses

This is not the first time we’ve sold a house. It is, however, the first time we’ve sold our house out from under ourselves, with three children living in it! All our other properties have been rented by the time we’ve put them on the market, so the pain of home opens, inspections and keeping the darn thing tidy hasn’t been ours to worry about. It is this time.

The first week was a major decluttering binge before the cleaning could even START to occur. We’ve got rid of a bit of junk already, but there’s a lot more to go I reckon (and the shed is pretty packed. I know there’s boxes in there already marked to get rid of, just haven’t got there yet!). That big declutter was a major help though, because keeping the house TIDY without all the crap in it is heaps easier, as is the cleaning that goes on before every inspection and home open, because there’s less to rehome before the cleaning can occur!

We’ve had five home opens now (two on the long weekend) and the agent has been pretty pleased with the number of people through. We’ve also had a few separate inspections, but no offers yet. This doesn’t actually surprise me. The market is fairly depressed right now, and we live in an area where there are new estates popping up all over. Our house has advantages and disadvantages to people looking. It’s an older property, and so doesn’t have that open plan living that so many of the new places have (nor, it must be said, all the wonderful internal storage space…). But because it’s older, it is far better built than most of what’s being chucked up these days, and it’s on a bigger block. It’s got fully established front and back lawns, plus the pool and shed out the back. Most new places these days have no room for all that, so that’s a plus. Even though we’ve only been here two years, we’ve done a fair bit of fixer-upping – a bit of plumbing and electrical replacing, new back patio, upgrading pool stuff, some tiling, new paint and window coverings and so on. But we know there’s still more that really needs doing (like revamping kitchen and bathrooms, and DEFINITELY new carpets). If we start moving into that territory now, we’re absolutely looking at lost money, because the value of the house really isn’t going to change that much, no matter what else we put into it. It’d probably sell easier, but we wouldn’t make any more profit from it. So it’s just not worth the money.

I’ve said from the start that it’ll be a certain type of person who buys this place. It has to be someone who wants to buy, not build; who wants character and an established place (in a lovely location) over modern and new. I reckon a young family or a semi-retired couple (and probably people from the UK!) will be our best bet. We just have to find them – or have them find us, more probably 🙂

We’re luckier than some – we’re moving because we want to, and we don’t have any deadlines on us. We have good jobs here, and no urgency to leave except that which we put on ourselves. So we can afford to wait until the right buyers come along. It gives me more time to get rid of the junk, I guess!

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