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 I may have just made a very bold real estate move. We’ve had such a bad experience with The Professionals in Warnbro/Rockingham, and Metro Settlements, and the owners of the property we had a contract on, that we’ve sought legal advice on negating the contract. 

However, a couple of months ago, we saw an absolutely wonderful property that we fell in love with, but is a bit beyond our price range. We just couldn’t commit to such a mortgage. 

Last night I looked it up, and it’s still for sale. This morning I rang the owners (it’s a private seller) and asked if they’d be interested in renting the property to us for six to twelve months while we a) sold our house in QLD, b) ensured hubby’s job is safe and stable and c) saved like crazy, and then purchased it.

They said they probably would be!  Eep!


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