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Queensland Floods – fundraising

I’m currently visiting in Queensland. We’re about 200 km from Toowoomba, where the "inland tsunami" hit with so little warning and with such devastating effect. Condamine, a tiny town which used to (and possibly still does!) put on an excellent rodeo and which has just been evacuated for the second time in 10 days, is 30 km down the road. Chinchilla, where I used to work and live, is almost 50 km east of us, and has gone underwater again as well. And now, after the events in the north held us riveted (I lived in Rockhampton for three years, and at Hervey Bay for a while too), we’re glued to our social media of choice watching Brisbane slowly disappear under water.

We are lucky here. We may be pretty much cut off from almost all directions, but we are relatively dry and certainly safe from floodwaters. But being so closely linked to the horrible events happening across Queensland makes me feel sad and helpless. I was working on After the Rain earlier in the week, which is due out in April this year, and making comments on Twitter about how things were really a bit too close to home. And then the Toowoomba disaster happened, and I couldn’t comprehend the event. That was the catalyst for deciding to do a fundraiser for the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.

I can’t do much to help, but I can do books, and with the gracious permission of the authors I could contact on such short notice, and a few added bonuses from Brisbane writerly types, I’ve managed to pull together an ebook version (and it will change before the final print copy) of After the Rain. It’s a limited edition, available for donation, all proceeds of which will go directly to the Appeal. More details can be found here <http://fablecroft.com.au/books/after-the-rain/after-the-rain-after-the-floods-limited-ebook-edition&gt;, and I want to again offer my thanks to those who helped get this happening in such a short time frame. I hope people both enjoy the book, and keep supporting the flood victims, in whatever ways they can.


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