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Four sleeps to go…

Highly productive today! Finished off last night by completing the ironing in front of Bones and Castle repeats. Not a great night’s sleep as it was pretty hot, but still up nice and early (to a little girl who asks the same question every day: "How many days til the baby comes now Mummy?"). Doctor’s appointment first up (all good, had to go to different side for bub’s heartbeat so the little wriggler has been moving about a bit!). Home to wait for Miss Four’s little friend whose Mum was off shopping for the day. Started by hooking in to some reviews and ended up getting three or four done today, much chuffed. I *think* I’m nearly at the bottom of my read-but-not-reviewed pile, so I’m really pleased about that!

Finally made a move into Master Seven’s room – one big bag of rubbish dumped, one big box of never-used-anymore toys into shed, and a clear out of his clothes drawer later, even he had to say, "Wow, this looks so tidy Mum!" đź™‚

Had a surprise visit from  which was lovely. No excuses now  , cos he knows where I live 🙂 Paid some bills, including the very overdue rego which I was CERTAIN I’d paid, but turned out to have been a rejected bPay payment because of a stuff up of the Ref number on THEIR part! Gragh. Sorted now anyway. Then, as the cleaner is coming tomorrow, I decided I’d better hook in to M4’s room again – dismantled old broken bookcase and, with husband’s able assistance (and very little swearing), assembled the pretty new IKEA bookshelf. Looks very nice.

And now I’m very tired. Got a few edits returned today for Worlds Next Door, and also booked our accommodation for Worldcon in Melbourne. Forward planning is a must! Had a phone call from the staff at work (their first day back today) and will probably call in there tomorrow or Wednesday to see how they’re going. If the weather cools down! My aircon is awesome. Four sleeps to go!


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Crossing off the list…

We’ve had two "social" engagements fall through yesterday and today. We headed out to the 10.30 session of Princess & the Frog yesterday, with the intention of meeting up with Miss Four’s best mate and family. 10.30 came and went – we tried to ring, and sent a text saying we’d head in and save them seats. They eventually turned up about 15 minutes into the movie proper (how can people DO that?!) and I proceeded to miss about a third of the film as the children’s bladders were not working as well as they should have been! Darn it. What I saw was good though – back to traditional animation, some fun songs and a story just a little bit different. We then made plans for me to drop kids at their house later that afternoon, prior to me going to the hospital for pre-surgery anaesthetist appointment. A bit over an hour later though, they rang and asked us not to, as M4’s little mate had been naughty and so her punishment was no visitors! Didn’t really worry me, although I would have pushed the kids to have a sleep if I’d known they were going to have that time at home!

So we headed to the hospital, and it was actually good for the kids to see where we would be next Friday. They didn’t have me down for my appointment (WTF?!) but found my file and slotted me in anyway. Meant a longer wait though, and kids were tired and antsy (although doctor still complimented them on their behaviour, which was nice). While we were waiting, we saw a teeny tiny baby and knocked out mum come out of theatre, which I pointed out to the kids (but assured them I wouldn’t be asleep on the table!). Came home to chip off acrylic nails that I only got two weeks ago – forgot about not being able to have falsies during surgery. Nails now tatty, but not as hideous as I thought they might be!

Today I managed a bit of a sleep in – kids are getting very good at getting up and quietly watching telly in the morning, which has been lovely. Then we got ready and headed up to Belmont to collect hire baby capsule. Red Cross people were very nice, and it was all very smooth, even though we were nearly an hour early! 

This afternoon I’ve forced the kids into the pool to wear off some energy, done a bit more sorting and moving about in the shed, put some excess junk in there (neatly, unlike some people who do it *glares in absent husband’s direction*), and edited another story or two for Worlds Next Door. We had a (grown-up) friend visit cancel for a tentative visit today, but hopefully she’ll come tomorrow or Friday. I need to get my edits finished so I can move on to some reviews with deadlines. Important! And WASLA newsletter. And   has promised me some Shiny to layout over the next couple of days. Eep. Best get going!

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On being pregnant…

There’s a lot of things that you don’t get told about being pregnant when you’re a not-yet-child-borne female. There’s even more you read or get told about but don’t really "get" at the time. Then it happens to you! On the whole, I quite like being pregnant. I don’t enjoy the "morning" (all-day nausea) sickness I get like clockwork from about six to fourteen weeks, but after that, I’m pretty cruisey with the whole growing another person thing. This is my third full-term pregnancy though, and maybe it’s because my body is older, or less flexible and fit than it was with the other two, but things have been a little less comfortable this time round. Nothing major, just little things that are starting to make me look forward to next Friday! 

Cut for TMI and those who just don’t want to know!


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