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Rich Horton says nice things about New Ceres Nights

It’s very charming – he also says nice things about X6.

Finally, New Ceres Nights is a set of stories in the shared world of New Ceres. It isn’t explicitly Australian, and at least one contributor is French, but the great majority of the writers are Australian so I put the book here. I like the New Ceres stories in general, and this was an enjoyable book. I particularly liked Tansy Rayner Roberts’s "Prosperine When It Sizzles", featuring the very popular character La Duchesse and her assistant M. Pepin — about whom we learn some secrets as he meets an old offworld acquaintance while the two of them try to rescue a prominent politician’s children from some unfortunate choices in entertainment; and Sylvia Kelso’s "The Sharp Shooter", in which the title character comes to a remote farm to help eliminate a dangerous beast. I’ll also mention Dirk Flinthart, Thoraiya Dyer, Lee Battersby, and Angela Slatter.

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Jeff VanderMeer talks about the best of 2009

And he says such NICE things

"Little Books with Big Hearts" of particular interest included Peter M. Ball’s Horn Ball’s novella-in-book-form from my new favorite indie press, Twelfth Planet, combines noir and faery in a hardboiled structure that plays knowingly with the tropes of both subgenres; he is without a doubt one of the best of the up-and-coming writers in the field.

Among collections by relatively new writers, I found Deborah Biancotti’s A Book of Endings, Eugie Foster’s Returning My Sister’s Face, and Cat Rambo’s Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight the most compelling. None of these collections were perfect, but each was lively and willing to take chances.

Four other original anthologies provided an entertaining read…New Ceres Nights, another Australian creation, edited by Alisa Krasnostein & Tehani Wessly [sic.], comes to readers from the excellent Twelfth Planet Press, and might be the sleeper anthology of the year. It’s consistently lively and interesting in developing its shared setting. Contributors include Stephen Dedman, Kaaron Warren, Aliette de Bodard, Angela Slatter, and Dirk Flinthart.

He mentions a few other books too 🙂 Well worth reading!

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Aurealis Shortlists 2009

The blog&Twit-o-sphere has been buzzing with the 2009 Aurealis Awards shortlists all day, and I wanted to add my congratulations to all the shortlisted contenders. Naturally, I’m delighted that New Ceres Nights, which I edited with , Horn, Siren Beat, "Like Us" & "Paper Dragons" (from Shiny) and A Book of Endings are also all shortlisted, and I’m also very pleased to see so many ASIM stories on the lists, as well as Robbie Matthews’ collection, Johnny Phillips Werewolf Detective (as I printed a Johnny story in ASIM myself, back in the day!).

The categories are all extremely competitive, with wonderful work in all of them. So pleased to see so many of my flist up there in the running ( , , , and leap of the screen, but I’m sure there’s more!), so well done everyone!

The full lists are here.

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New Ceres Nights now available in e-format

I’m delighted to finally have New Ceres Nights available for electronic download over at Smash Words – it’s available in pretty much any e-format you could want, from PDF to Kindle, and everything in between. And it’s only $8.00US (awesome bargain in any dollars, but especially with the Aussie dollar being so high against the greenback right now!). We’ve also got some Twelfth Planet Press novellas (Horn, Siren Beat and Angel Rising) up at Smashwords for even BETTER prices! https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/twelfthplanetpress

Of course, all these books are still available in print from http://www.twelfthplanetpress.wordpress.com, if reading the hard copy is your preferred method – now you have options!


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Some Twelfth Planet Press updates

Horn has been receiving some nice reviews, most recently in Queensland’s Courier Mail yesterday – no online link unfortunately, but we’ll be posting bits and pieces 🙂

New Ceres Nights
has also surfaced in a book blog review over at   – good to see the books out and about!

This past week or so has seen a lot of proofing for Deborah Biancotti’s collection A Book of Endings, launching at Continuum next month – dark and deep and somewhat twisty, with beautiful Biancotti soul.

I’ve also spent a bit of time working on some advertising stuff for Twelfth Planet Press, which is now out it the wild.

And this is the last week of the open reading period for (working title) Spec Fic for Kids – submission guidelines are here: http://twelfthplanetpress.wordpress.com/2009/05/20/spec-fic-for-kids-submission-call/ 

If you are really keen to submit but the deadline is looking ominous to you, drop me a line, as I’m a bit flexible for authors I know/have worked with in the past. 

I’m also hitting a stumbling block on the title. Spec Fic for Kids was only intended to be a working title, but now I can’t think of anything else! Suggestions gratefully received!

/TPP Tehani Update


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