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Retro Reviews linkage: The Vorkosigan Saga

In 2011, Alex Pierce and Tehani reviewed the entire Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold (as it stood at the time). The links to our award-winning reviews (in the order we read/reviewed them) are below:

The magic of Bujold – rereading and a journey of discovery (Cordelia’s Honor omnibus: Shards of Honor and Barrayar.)

The magic of Vorkosigan: The Warrior’s Apprentice 

The Magic of Miles: what it means to be Vor (“The Mountains of Mourning” and The Vor Game)

The magic of mystery: Cetaganda

The Magic of Elli: Ethan of Athos and Labyrinth

The Magic of Family: Borders of Infinity and Brothers in Arms

The Magic of Brothers: Mirror Dance

The Magic of Memory: Miles hits bottom

The Magic of Romance: Miles in Love (Komarr, A Civil Campaign and “Winterfair Gifts”)

The Magic of Marriage: Diplomatic Immunity

The Magic of Endings: Cryoburn

Tehani also reviewed Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance and Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen on Goodreads when they came out.



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Two posts on editing (in various forms)

In the past few days I’ve read two very interesting posts on different forms of editing. As I’m about to restart my studies in this area, this is rather timely for me.

First was the Angry Robot post about what the copyeditor does (by Anne Zanoni) – really interesting insight into the process.

Then Justine Larbalestier wrote a piece on what she meant by saying editors are not allowed to rewrite their authors’ books (and no, she doesn’t mean her words are precious!). Useful to see a pro author’s side of the coin.

I enjoyed both these posts, and think I’ll start collating such things as useful resources for studying!

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More linkage fun

 has blogged the roundup of recent news from the Horrorscope and AHWA websites – might fill in a few gaps in the Aussie SF Blog Carnival… 🙂


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