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The week that changed our lives

Just ours, not the world, but it’s been bloody busy, and life changing.

In the past week:

Husband was offered an excellent work opportunity in Western Australia, FIFO Perth.
We did the figures and found that whichever way we looked at it (fly out from Hervey Bay or other option)
We discovered that if I took a teaching job somewhere outside of Perth, the WA education dept would pay relocation costs and travel AND provide subsidised housing.
We then discovered husband’s work would pay relocation costs, meaning we could consider Perth.
So we did. And we are. And we’ll probably be there in the holidays.

In the meantime, we’ve discussed selling our house here (and decided to, but then 24 hours changed our minds again – heart decision).

We ARE going to rent it, and gradually make improvements over the next few years so if/when we do return, we’ll have the house in the condition we want it.

In the next three weeks (before QLD school hols) we have to get removal quotes, do some basic house maintenance, figure out what to do with our lovely cat, pack up essentials for two or three weeks of homelessness, husband has to resign, organise flights, all that stuff.

On the holidays, we’ll leave the kids with the grandies, husband will start work, I’ll look for Term 4 work in Perth, and find us a place to live.


Something nice came out of telling my work we were leaving – my three supervisors (employing deputy, SOSE Head of Dept and Library Head of Dept) were all very disappointed and sad I was leaving, all three saying they wanted to keep me 🙂


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Life changes

And sometimes it happens out of the blue.

There’s a possibility we might relocate to Western Australia. This is, of course, despite the promises of one husband that the move to Hervey Bay would be the LAST. He loves to kick my chair. However, even though I’ve really made myself very comfortable here, I am actually quite excited about this. 

For one, I’m originally from WA, and have not only loads of rellies over there, but lots of ASIM folk and others in the SF community I hope I’d get a chance to know better if we lived in the big brown state.

For two, we don’t HAVE to move. On paper, it seems husband can fly from Hervey Bay to Perth to meet his FIFO of Perth and we would STILL come out with more money in the hand than he currently gets living away anyway. Plus it’s a great work opportunity for him. So we’re not going to be in any rush to uproot just yet. We are considering, looking and waiting/seeing.

I’ve had a gander on Seek.com and CareerOne.com and applied for a couple of jobs, but if anyone knows of a job for someone with my skills (teacher librarian, English/SOSE, bit of business experience, ICT etc) ESPECIALLY at a place that offers subsidised housing and/or moving assistance, do let me know! Not too fussed whereabouts in WA, as long as it’s got a reasonable airport 🙂


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