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Nice day

A very peaceful day at the KSP Mini-Con today – a little disappointing for the organisers that there weren’t more people, I think, but a nice day for me personally, chatting with  , Liz, Russ, Stephen and Elaine (mostly although others came and went) in the Bookselling Room. Funnily, everyone who saw the baby (big kids went off to Adventure World with Daddy for the day!) commented on how BIG he is! 🙂  Elaine and I did a kaffee klatsch on e-publishing, which was fun, but otherwise I was just there for the socialising 🙂 Took my camera, but didn’t even take it out. Slacker! And hand-sold a New Ceres Nights to a reader who was looking to experience Lee Battersby and Stephen Dedman stories but didn’t want anything too scary – that was good!

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KSP Mini-Con Sunday May 2, 2010

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It’s getting better by the day. There will be panels peopled by some of Perth’s finest speculative fiction writers and publishers. You’ll be able to buy a range of books from Fantastic Planet and indie publishers Ticonderoga Publications and Twelfth Planet Press as well as from local authors. And, of course, there are the kaffeeklatsches – but you’ll have to be early to book into those. Numbers are limited.

Just to remind you, the details for the KSP Mini Con are:

Where: Katharine Susannah Writers Centre, 11 Old York Rd, Greenmount

When: Sunday, May 2, from 10:00 am ’til 5:00 pm.

Entry: Adults $5.00 Family pass $10.00

There’ll be snacks and tea and coffee available at a reasonable price.

Here’s the programme:

10:00: Casting Call: heroes, villains and monsters. Hal Colebatch, Toby Coulstock, Liz Grzyb, Bevan McGuiness and Carol Ryles (mod)

11:00: Writing Intensives e.g. Clarions, Writers of the Future: do they work? Lee Battersby, Lyn Battersby, Carol Ryles, Helen Venn and Annette Backshall (mod)
(or you can attend a Kaffeeklatsch on Nanowrimo with Elaine Kemp and Sarah Parker )

12:00: Stuck in the Mud: Writers’ block/painting characters into a corner: Stephen Dedman, Sue Isle, David Kitson, Bevan McGuiness and Annette Backshall (mod)

1:00: Should WA writers use WA settings? Lee Battersby, Adrian Bedford, Stephen Dedman, Juliet Marillier and Russell B. Farr (mod)

2:00: Romance in Fantasy: Lyn Battersby, Satima Flavell, Elaine Kemp, David Kitson and Sarah Parker (mod)

3:00: World Building: Dave Luckett, Bevan McGuinness, Helen Venn and Carol Ryles (mod)
(or you can attend a Kaffeeklatsch on E-publishing with Elaine Kemp and Tehani Wesseley)

4:00: Turkey City Lexicon: Have some fun with overused tropes of SF. Russell B. Farr, David Kitson, Dave Luckett, Ian Nichols and Annette Backshall (mod)

Hope to see you there

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