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Dare you not to grin…

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Kitteh update

They are looking very cute and wanting to wander about (but are not allowed out of the laundry at this particular point in time!) – the photos don’t do the little fluffpots justice really. Four weeks old today.

I actually just had a moment of mild panic because I put a load of washing on with five kittens scratching at my toes, turned to walk out and could only see four kittens. Eep! Did I accidently scoop one up with the washing? Ook!  Quick look out the door, no. Looked around tiny laundry, no. Oh dear. Crouched to check cupboard. Ah, there the silly beastie is, hiding under the laundry hamper. The runty white one (who I think has been overtaken in runtiness by one of the black tabby girls). All accounted for, phew!


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Kitten update

Despite the sometimes neglectful mother and the gentle frequent ministrations of the children, the kittens appear to be thriving. They are starting to get cute, are fluffy and lovely. 

Mostly for 





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Kittehs update

So the fool momma cat disappeared. Let her out about 6pm last night for a bit of mummy-by-herself time (we all need that don’t we?!) and the silly creature didn’t come home. I was mildly concerned last night when I went to bed at 10pm (primarily thinking I’d be woken in the night be crying kittehs), quite worried at 5.30am when I woke and went out to call her and she didn’t come, and fairly frantic by 4pm when I got home this afternoon. 

Drove madly the 1/2 hour back into town to the Pet Store to buy kitten formula and bottles (kids were happy, meant they got pizza for tea). Came home, couldn’t find the damn needles to pierce the teats with. Finally found some pins, then wrestled with the damn stupid teats that wanted to push in, not pierce! Got that sorted, made up some milk – very poor directions on the packet, hope we don’t kill the kittehs. Finally got it mixed and into bottles. Pulled kittens out from under the bed, tried to feed from bottles. No thank you very much. Sigh. $45.00 and kittehs won’t drink. Brainwave. Scrounge through kitchen drawers to find children’s medicine syringe. Suck up milk into syringe. Open kitteh mouth, inject teensy bit of milk – kitteh LOVE and suck syringe dry. Who needs bottles! Feed five hungry kittehs. Not very much and don’t really know how much they should have. When they won’t drink any more, give up and put back under bed. Five minutes later stupid damn momma cat comes home.

Bah. Silly cat cries at the door as if she’s been there and frantic to be separated all along! Crazy beast. Ah well, at least I don’t have to feed five kittens three hourly to raise them!


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Kittehs @ 10 days old

The kittens are going to be well and truly bomb proof by the time they go to new homes. They migrated from the laundry to under the bed at about 2 days old and are living there quite happily. Eyes are opening and they are quite cute. They are also learning not to cry loudly whenever handled by Miss Two. Not sure if this is because she’s getting gentler or because they are getting used to it! Both children climb under the bed at any opportunity to have a chat at the cat and kittens and will frequently pull out a kitten or five to cuddle and “play” with. The kittens are surviving, so will be well handled and friendly little creatures!

One of the white kittens is definitely a runtie – especially noticeable when compared to huge big brother ginger kitten (who was last born interestingly).


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