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Okay germs, you can go now…

I sent the baby to daycare yesterday with no inkling at all he might potentially be unwell. 2pm they rang saying he had a high temp and was grumpy and wouldn’t sleep. I was about to walk into the hairdresser so husband went to collect him. When I arrived home later, poor bub was crashed out on his daddy, hot and clearly not well. He ended up in bed by 5.30am, slept til 1.45am, fed, had some pain relief, went back to sleep until 5.30am. Took him to the doctor this morning and he has a raging ear infection again. *sigh* Back on antibiotics, poor bub, but already perking up, which is good!

We’re really hoping to get the last of the sickness out of the way before we go visiting the family on the holidays!

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So remember those germ buckets?

Between them and the marking, I’ve lost the last three weeks even more comprehensively than the month before that! Time, what is it? I had two batches of marking come in with pretty much the same deadline, and started a new sessional job as well. Naturally, that’s when the kids dropped like stones. Poor Master Ten ended up in the emergency room for five hours with suspected appendicitis (it wasn’t , but they couldn’t rule it out – still don’t know whether it was appendix related or something else!). As husband was away, that meant I too was in emergency room. With baby and Master Three in tow (managed to farm Miss Seven off to a friend’s, where she stayed overnight, which was great). And no book, no iPad, a dying phone and no charger – very poorly prepared! We got through it. All the boys were really very good, so I must be doing something right!

Poor Bubs wasn’t 100% at the time, and he went downhill pretty quick. I thought initially it might be teething, or maybe a lingering issue from his ear infection, but it just hung around and hung around. Temps, a nose that was so snotty he couldn’t even FEED properly on one day, and generally grumpiness and clinginess. Eventually took him to the doctor, but he said there was no infection so just had to persevere. So we did. At the same time, while husband was away, I sleep deprived myself in order to break the baby of the nighttime waking habits – the first two nights were awful, but things did improve and now, it seems, we have a baby who sleeps from about 7pm to between 5 and 6am – which is totally something I can live with! Should have “fixed” him months ago!

And in there I wrangled four kids, got started on the marking (very very slowly) and tried to keep up with CBCA reading and FableCroft work as well. Something had to give, and that was housework! Bit the bullet and got a cleaner in for a couple of hours to fix the house enough I felt happy with the baby wandering about on the floors. Which he is doing TERRIBLY CAPABLY – we now have a proper crawler, and a flipping STAIR CLIMBER! I ordered a stair gate for the big stairs which arrived yesterday. A bit of peace of mind, though the two small sets into the lounge/study are still a little concerning – not so much the going up, but the recent attempts at DOWN are downright frightening. I think it will most likely end with tears, and can only hope not blood or broken bones!

Then, right as I was ramped up into the last three days of marking, I started to feel unwell myself. Initially thought it might have been wisdom teeth, then it migrated around my jaw and settled in my throat. Owwwwww. A few terrible nights’ sleep, lots of pain, mild temps and feeling of nausea. Panadol got me through the marking though, and though I did go to the doctor, was again told no infection so nothing to be done but treat the symptoms. *sigh*

Anyway, that’s all done now. Still have sessional and forum monitoring, but no marking for a couple of weeks (before another blitz). It looks like I have a contract to write a new unit for one of my unis though, which is pretty cool. Even cooler is that the bulk of that work won’t really start until the main marking is over, which is good! And somewhere in there, I have four books to get out in the next six weeks, and of course CBCA reading continues, as does Aurealis Awards wrangling – busy busy! But what’s new? 🙂

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Growing up

photo (19)I’ve put it off for the last few weeks, but tomorrow I’m finally going to send the baby along to daycare. It’s a bit weird that I’m so reluctant, as the first three were sent off with no hesitation, and they’ve all (generally) loved it. I think that partially it’s the breastfeeding thing – this baby is still feeding several times a day at nine months (tomorrow!) and I know that once he starts at daycare, things will change. And he’s my last, so I know that once he stops feeding, that will be it forever. Which is, I guess, what makes me so reluctant. But I really can’t put it off any longer – I have to get the filing and tax done, the new journal laid out, and a whole bunch of marking will come in soon. I need a day or two a week just for work. So tomorrow is it. I’ll take him in for a few hours, and see how he (we) goes. Given he’s a little social butterfly and absolutely loves being out and about, I have very little doubt he’ll be fine and will have a ball. Me though? We’ll see…

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Busy week

It’s amazing how quickly time races when you are busy. This past week or so has been a blur of socialising (mostly kids), house hunting (still no luck) and publishing activities (whose silly idea was it to put two books together at the same time?!). And just like that, another week is gone!

We had extras here for most of the time – Miss MauMau spent Sunday through Friday here with us, while her mum and brothers were away, to give Mr Flinthart a week on his own. The kids had swimming lessons each day, and we tried to do something else in the afternoons to avoid house-boundness. The girls impressed me by having very few niggles, and only one or two very late nights chatting and giggling! We also had husband’s friend Marty Sunday to Wednesday. Husband flew up to see him in Byron Bay the previous Wednesday, and they were supposed to be driving back with machinery. Somehow that didn’t happen, and they both flew back Sunday instead.

IMG_3449On Tuesday, Master Two became Master Three. We went to Treasure Island for a pirate-themed birthday party with his two little mates and some additional big brothers and sisters and friends. The kids all had a great time, and I didn’t have to clean up 🙂

The swimming lessons have been good – week before last we were out at the school pool for a week. The big kids built up some stamina again with lots of lap swimming, and M3 got to do lessons too (although we had a few problems with that – first day I didn’t take my togs and he was feral, even with M10 helping in the water. Thereafter, I went in with him, which was fine, but on the Wednesday, after several warnings, I got him out halfway through the lesson as he just wasn’t listening – no problems for the rest of the week then. Follow through on your threats parents, it works!). This week we’ve been at the swim school near home, which has been great as we’re walking to and from each morning. M3 isn’t swimming, but I’m impressed with their teaching so I’ve booked him in for lessons starting after school goes back. We were lucky to get MauMau in for a class at the same time as the other two, and they all did well.

IMG_2675I should note here that I’ve finally decided to get proactive about the weight I’ve put on over the past several years. There’s no more kids for us, so no excuse not to try to shed some of the “baby” weight (and the lazy weight that’s come with it!). I’ve signed up for 12WBT which is in pre-season mode, and during the warmup period, one of the tasks was to record everything you eat. So I started using the My Fitness Pal app to do this, which is a calorie counter too. And boy, does it wake you up! We now own both digital kitchen and bathroom scales to help record this stuff properly, and it’s amazing how wrong you can be about portion sizes when you aren’t taking any notice. In the past three weeks, just by calorie counting and thus better portion control, I’ve lost five kg. Last week I also increased my exercise thanks to the daily walk to the pool, and when we move, I’m getting a cross-trainer. I don’t expect every five kg to be as easy as the first, but I’m encouraged and keen to keep losing! Thanks Alisa and the other friends who showed how well the 12WBT can work, which helped give me a kick.

I realised just now that for the first time in a while, I haven’t got a holiday To Do list! Well, basically it’s getting these books to print, packing the house and moving. Just need to get a house now…

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Holidaying in WA

Tuesday 18th December

Very early start to get to airport for 6.30am flight. Love Launceston airport for ease of bag drop and parking! First time with FOUR kids on flights – they were very very good! Especially the baby, who slept through most of it. Master Two was a bit feral by the end of the second flight, and woke up very cranky from his too-short sleep, but coped okay. Was a bit hot to hang about waiting for car rental, both in airport and again when picking up (they had the wrong car seats so we had to wait for changes) but eventually we got on the road.

First stop to auntie in Perth, partly to say hello, partly to pick up keys to holiday rental which had been dropped there for us. Then made our way to Rockingham to drop the bags and have a little explore of the house (which was HUGE. With lots of stairs! And a fabulous view, which was dominated by kite surfers for most of our visit).

We then headed to the foreshore for a get together with Miss Seven’s old school friends – kids had a ball, I enjoyed catching up with the other mums. We were all getting pretty weary by then, but had to go shopping – reminds me of how much I prefer Click and Collect!

Late in the afternoon we discovered there were issues with lighting in house. Too exhausted to muck about with it after first texts/calls to owner so fell into bed, to deal with it in the morning.

Wednesday 19th

An early start thanks to M2, but nice when I messaged Lyn and unexpectedly she and kids free to come visit – great start to the holiday proper! Electrician came while they were with us, and fixed the problem, thank goodness.

Late afternoon saw us head to more friends, the Giblings, in Port Kennedy for play and dinner. (cut here for big photos and lots more reportage!) Continue reading

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