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Retro Review: Greywalker (2007)

Kat Richardson

Piatkus (2007)

ISBN: 9780749938963

There are such a lot of paranormal and supernatural romance/thriller/crime novels around these days that it is with some trepidation I approach a new series. Especially a series written by a first-time novelist. However, publisher Piatkus is producing some fine paranormals, so I left my mind open and threw myself into Greywalker.

Harper Blaine becomes a Greywalker after a vicious assault during a routine investigation (she’s a private investigator). She “died” for a few minutes, and as she recovers, she starts to experience strange visions. The doctors tell her it’s just the recovery process, but one – less hide-bound than the others – suggests some people she might talk to, as he considers that what Harper is experiencing might be something else. Something other. Continue reading

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