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Um, oops? Week 24…

I had to go back and see how long ago I actually updated the "weekly" post. Appears I missed a week, and it’s been almost two weeks since I did an update! Oops.

To be fair, we’ve been pretty busy. Week one of the school holidays is done and dusted, and other than Monday, when we stayed in our jammies all day and didn’t leave the house, we have been significantly out. We’ve had a full afternoon at the Batt-house (Tupperware party then we just stayed…), a full afternoon at Helen’s for a big catchup with a whole bunch of like-minded nutters (kids had a ball), six HOURS at the Fun Station with friends from kids’ school, and a bunch of other play dates. In between all that, I have knocked over a bunch of proofing for  , finalised the Australis Imaginarium lineup and layout (goes to print next week, as soon as I have the cover!), acquired quotes from three printers for a the forthcoming TPP & FableCroft books, and done some work on marketing & promotion for Worlds Next Door. Oh, and some WASLA work too. And got a new car. And studiously avoided the shops while all these bloody toy sales are happening!

Worlds Next Door was paid in full last week, and shipped yesterday. Landfall is estimated at July 23!! Am very excited 🙂 I finished the shortlist for one category of the WA Premier’s Book Awards, and will finalise the second this weekend. I can finally attack my groaning TBR shelf! And start getting some reviews written again! And then hook into Aurealis Awards judging – as   said to me, my reward for finishing my reading is … more reading! Lucky I love it!

In kid news, bub is apparently enormous – bigger than all the other babies we’ve met lately, most of whom are a couple of months (ahem, or more) older than him. He watching the act of eating avidly, and enjoys his real food now too. Starting to get very wriggly (have found him round the wrong way in his cot twice now), but not really sitting up yet or rolling. There’s a lot of him to manouvre I guess! Big kids are enjoying the holidays, especially with daddy home. Miserable weather past couple of days, but lots to keep them entertained. I need it to fine up so I can get out the the shed to do some clothes sorting (and yet more de-junking).

And in other news, we have a new (to us) car! Finally got it yesterday (a full week later than it was supposed to be) – it’s rather nice actually. So it’s been a busy fortnight, and still more busy to come I think. Second week of holidays, ahoy!

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Week 15

And all’s well! Better than well – bub is sleeping around 12 hours each night, and so is the most wonderful child in the world 🙂 I still can’t get to bed before 11pm, which is frustrating, but at least I’m getting at least six hours unbroken sleep a night!

Why aren’t I going to bed? Well, I have 150 books (YA and Children’s) to read in the next couple of months – I can now announce that I am a judge for the 2009 WA Premier’s Book Awards! I have a bookcase full of wonderful books which I have already started to enjoy. Obviously I won’t be talking about them during the judging process, but there will be lots of reading going on behind the scenes! This is on top of the review books that keep coming in – lucky I’m a fast reader and am on maternity leave!

Then there’s the stuff I’m doing to get FableCroft Publishing up and running. My first book, Worlds Next Door, went to the printer on Thursday night, which is very exciting. Now I move into full reading mode for Australis Imaginarium, and getting the website done is a priority too. I’ve also been doing some proofing for   and work for WASLA and ASLA, so have been keeping busy!

This week too, I booked my plane tickets for Worldcon – unfortunately my big plans for a driving trip across to Tassie, then to Worldcon, Sydney and QLD have been skittled by my darling husband (*sigh*), so I’ll be going to Melbourne with just the baby while he’s home with the big kids. We’re hoping instead to have a short family trip to Tassie in July.

Hmmm. Best go do some of that work then!

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What a weekend!

Once again, we’ve done three trips to Perth in three days! Friday it was to Midland, to pick up our friends who were visiting from QLD (for cancer treatment), and drop them back to Aunt and Uncle’s where they’ve been staying, and spend some time with them – Aunt has just (in the past couple of weeks) found out she has bowel cancer, with secondary cancer in liver, and (a bit of a shock), lungs as well. She’s very positive, but is in for a long journey.

Then on Saturday, after a big morning of cleaning and a quick shopping trip, went up to the airport to pick up "the painter", my dad, who has come over from QLD to paint our house. We were calling him "the painter" to avoid the kids figuring out who was coming, and the look on their faces when he walked out of the gates was well worth it! Master Six just stared in shock and said, "Pop Pop?!" in this high little voice (I’m clearly pregnant, cos that reaction brought tears to my eyes!). He told us later that "I said it but my mind was saying it couldn’t be Pop Pop!" How cute is that! Miss Three squealed and got all excitable naturally. Very sweet. At the Aunt & Uncle’s again for the afternoon (Uncle is Dad’s brother), which was nice too. Had to drag Dad away, which I felt bad about, but he’ll spend more time with them next weekend and the week following.

Today we did the big trip to Bunnings for painting supplies (which worked out fairly reasonably), then home to start the work (my job was scraping bloody glow in the dark constellations off the roof of Miss Three’s room, many of which had already been painted over once in the distant past!). At 1ish I headed off up to Greenmount to the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre for the Speculative Fiction Competition Awards this afternoon. I was invited to judge the competition some months ago, but it was a secret! I really enjoyed the judging process and the stories I got to read, and look forward to one day coming across some of the best ones in print! Ooh, just realised my judge’s report is already online! So you can read what I thought 🙂 Was a very pleasant afternoon.

Came home to make dinner with Dad and enjoy the newly arranged patio out the back with hubby and Dad. Came in to serve up tea and discovered water on the tiles. What the?! Absolutely shocked to find the bath overflowing and the hallway (carpet) drenched, Master Six’s (cork floored) room flooded, the living area tiles awash, Miss Three’s bedroom (carpet) half soaked, and water creeping into our bedroom. Argh!! The three of us raced about with towels, turned on fans, opened doors, and (when I remembered it!) the VAX super sucker for about an hour, drying the floors. The hall carpet is still fairly damp, but the rest has dried up fairly well with the help of the VAX, but I don’t think the carpets are going to survive the event too well. Have no idea how a thorough soaking of water affects a cork floor though. Anyone?

Yeah, so that was fun. But am looking forward to seeing some paint go on the walls this week! Yay! So, we’re at the end of another busy weekend. Oooh, a weekend in which I might have just planned a big roadtrip for next year, which will take us across the bottom of Aus, to Tassie, up to Worldcon in Melbourne, to Sydney, the family in QLD, and then across the middle(ish) home again! Big plans (with three kids!), but could be a lot of fun, which lots of great catchups. And snow! And Worldcon! Woot!

Oh, and we have a contract on our house in QLD – fingers crossed all goes well!

Hmm, yeah, busy week. 🙂

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