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Okay germs, you can go now…

I sent the baby to daycare yesterday with no inkling at all he might potentially be unwell. 2pm they rang saying he had a high temp and was grumpy and wouldn’t sleep. I was about to walk into the hairdresser so husband went to collect him. When I arrived home later, poor bub was crashed out on his daddy, hot and clearly not well. He ended up in bed by 5.30am, slept til 1.45am, fed, had some pain relief, went back to sleep until 5.30am. Took him to the doctor this morning and he has a raging ear infection again. *sigh* Back on antibiotics, poor bub, but already perking up, which is good!

We’re really hoping to get the last of the sickness out of the way before we go visiting the family on the holidays!

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Winter germ-buckets

photo 1Heh, it amuses me that the last personal post I did here was about finally sending the baby to daycare. Ever since, one or the other or more of the family have been sick! Bubs kindly brought home a gastro bug from daycare, which four out of six of us experienced (though Master Three was spectacular in his recovery from one single massive vomit, with no further symptoms! It wiped husband and I out for a day each though – different days, luckily). Then we were hit with another cold (we’d already had one a few weeks before), which has taken down Bubs, M3 and Miss Seven, with the lingering cough the worst hangover. Bubs also manifested conjunctivitis, so I took him to the doctor, who diagnosed an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics, which worked a treat! Eyes cleared up within 24 hours, which was a relief. M3 and M7 both missed a bit of school/kindy, but I sent them all off on Thursday again, and Bubs had his first full day (he only had five hours the first time), and he seemed to really enjoy it, which is good. Master Ten has managed to avoid ALL the bugs, which is good!

photo 2In the past few weeks we’ve been to Hobart for a birthday party, had some lovely play dates and get togethers (except when sick!), M7 did her first cosplay as Amy Pond (start ’em young) and I (almost successfully) made Grandma’s Gingernut Biscuits for the first time (they were YUM, but were flat sliced up squares rather than biscuits!) AND spinach & feta pie – I’ve tried more new recipes in the past four months than I ever have before I think. Amazing what having a nice kitchen will do 🙂 Oh, and did I mention that Bubs now has FOUR teeth (they all sprouted within a week of each other), is commando crawling to complement his rolling, and getting into EVERYTHING. How quickly they grow up…

photo 4What else have we been doing? Procrastinating on all the things I have to get done before the marking starts to roll in (Tuesday). Why do we do this? *sigh* Anyway, house is clean now, so I’ll get a few things done this afternoon and tomorrow. Bubs has reverted to several wakeups at night again, and I’m getting a bit knocked about by that, but still plugging away at various projects. Naturally, despite my best intentions, I have four books all at a similar point of the publication process, which is annoying! Hmm, I need to stop mucking about here and get on with it. Time is fleeting!

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I woke up yesterday with razorblades in my throat. Given all the colds and flus going around, I thought it was the precursor to a lovely bout with that, but while the throat got progressively worse through the day, no other expected symptoms arose. Then last night, I had so much trouble sleeping as every time I swallowed it hurt so much I woke up. It was hard to even drink water! But still no other symptoms. Not usual. So I went to the doctor this morning and I have tonsillitis! I’ve never had it before, so no idea why I’d suddenly manifest it, but there you go! Feeling quite well otherwise, although a bit weary from last night’s sleep deficiency. Talking hurts, but  I think I’ll be right to go to work – at least I’m not contagious!

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