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Need an iPhone fix?

I am absolutely delighted to report that we got the touchscreen on hubby’s handset fixed (replaced, for it was shattered) for under $150 (including all postage to and from), thanks to the iPhone Doctor. Posted it Monday afternoon from WA to Sydney, received back this afternoon. That’s quick. Six month guarantee on the repair, it’s good as new, and I’m stoked. Highly recommend! 

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Very annoyed

Cost of new i-phone = deferred on contract plan
Time spent fiddling with new i-phone since getting it yesterday morning = six hours
Time spent re-inputting all mobile numbers that didn’t import over = one hour
Annoyance when brand new i-phone suddenly won’t work anymore = fucking immeasurable.

What the FUCK! I just finished inputting all the numbers that didn’t come over, went to send a text, and nothing works. The screen comes on, but it’s like it’s frozen. Can’t slide to open, can’t scroll, can’t even turn the fucker off to restart it and hope for the best because to turn it off, you gotta slide! Argh! Tried taking out SIM, didn’t do anything but lock the phone. Fucked. Fucker. Fuck.

And what’s with the lack of a decent instruction  book? Hell, I know I never read them, but surely a troubleshooting guide wouldn’t hurt? And no reset button!

Someone tell me there’s something really simple I’ve done wrong. Please.


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