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House detail

Thank you to everyone who sent congrats. I think I’m over the worst of the shock now 🙂 It’s just happened pretty quickly is all, although you’d think by now I’d be used to that. Hubby and I have bought (and sold) four houses in the past seven years, and I don’t think a single one of them has been anything less than view, offer, accept, sign away! Although to be fair, that’s usually after several weeks, if not months, of poking around looking at prices and places. Guess we just know what we want when we see it after that. And in this case, hubby has been looking semi-casually for at least as long as we’ve been here. We’ve inspected a bunch of places, and perused online hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS more! And this one just seemed right.

It’s too small. Only three bedrooms one bathroom. Fairly pokey kitchen (probably original, which is 20 years!). BUT. It’s clearly been a loved home most of its life, and has been well maintained, and things done properly. it has evap AND refridge aircon. It has security screens all around (which is important to me). It has existing bore and retic. It’s on a massive (for the area) block. And the price is superb. It means we have the money to extend (creating four bed, two bath, at minimum), carpet and paint as required, put in a decent garage, kitchen, and, probably by next summer, a pool. We plan to render. Hubby plans landscaping. We plan to make a real home out of it. And fortunately, the previous buying and selling of houses (although vexing and frustrating at the time cos I HATE moving!) has meant we’re able to do that. We love WA. We can’t see ourselves heading back East anytime soom. So we’re going to dig those roots in 🙂

This picture doesn’t do it justice, and it will be much better again by the time we’re done 🙂 


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…I think we just bought a house.


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