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Whoops, there went April…

Just scrolled back and realised it has been over a month since I did a proper update here. It’s been busy and May has completely caught me unawares so I’ve had to hit the ground running!

Alisa setting up the launch of One Small Step and The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories at Conflux

Alisa setting up the launch of One Small Step and The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories (and Asymmetry from TPP) at Conflux

I seem to have had deadline after deadline, some of them big, some small, but they’ve been piling up like crazy. Over the past month or so I have:

  • had the house settle, and organised a bunch of renovations to happen before we move in (next week!).
  • presented an hour long talk on getting published, thanks to CBCA Tas.
  • attended kids’ school events and chauffeured them about to various things.
  • got sick (just a cold, which luckily never really laid me low, but was annoying).
  • had Mum & Dad visit, with the lovely touring about (mostly to find fishing spots for Grandpop & Master Ten) that entailed.
  • went to Conflux, the spec fic Natcon in Canberra (just for two days, but was great!).
  • launched two books.
  • published more books/stories electronically.
  • had Alisa come to visit for a week (wherein we made lots of plans and progressed some projects).
  • had a husband home for almost the whole time as he was sick.
  • edited and laid out the WASLA journal.
  • proofed some cool projects.
  • marked a bunch of uni assignments (okay, that’s still in progress…)
  • socialised a fair bit.
  • read some books
  • lots more stuff I can’t remember.

And had a fairly unsettled baby throughout – he’s been sleeping shockingly, but touch wood is improving a bit both with longer day sleeps and less night waking. Hopefully next week’s move doesn’t muck him up again.

I’m a lot in love with our new house. Really not looking forward to the packing and moving and unpacking next week, but SO looking forward to being in this house. Husband got the trampoline put up today, and he and the kids have been around there swimming almost every day since it settled, despite the builders/painters etc being there! We have built in the garage to be a fifth bedroom, and it has BUILT IN BOOKSHELVES! Ridiculously excited about this, and the other shelving in the house. We also tiled some living areas, and got a fair bit of painting done. We’ve also got some new screen doors coming, and solar panels (to subsidise the heated indoor pool running costs!), but the house is just fantastic.

Might be a bit slack on the updates for a bit longer, but hopefully in another week or so I can get back into being more present!

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Questing for tea: The Pantry

Another Monissa suggestion to try, so we met up this morning to have a go at The Pantry, in Charles Street. Friendly, efficient service, reasonable prices, and a very interesting separate “lounge” with kids toys, comfy lounges and room for prams! The tea was teabag in a teapot, but it was very nice, a generous serving with lots of milk on the side. We also had hot cross buns for a snack, which were yummy! In all, happy to visit again, especially when the kids are in tow.

Master Three, Bubs and I wandered through Target on our way to our appointments today, and finally bit the bullet and picked up M3’s new car seat, as we need to do some switching around of seats. We then headed to a friend’s for another cup of tea and a chat (and to meet their new puppy, an absolutely ADORABLE Labradoodle!), but we couldn’t stay too long as we had to get to the new house to meet the builder. Another friend recommended him, and he is fantastic. Having said that, we don’t have a quote yet, but I really felt comfortable with him. SO looking forward to moving to our new house when the small renos are complete (we want to build in a fifth bedroom, repaint and lay new tiles/carpet, in particular – also looking at installing solar, and adding a carport and back patio at some point). Busy busy!

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An exciting kind of week

We’ve had a fairly exciting few days around here. First of all, both of FableCroft’s April-release books have arrived nice and early, and they look lovely! It’s a relieved sense of excitement to see the books all printed and fantastic, and ready to go out into the world! The official launch is not until April 26, but if you pre-order before March 31, I’ll send the books out in the first week of April 🙂

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 2.53.10 PMLate last week we also had finance approved for the house we’re buying! Yes, yes, we just moved (into a rental) but we’ve been looking to buy and finally found a great house that we fell in love with – it has an indoor heated pool! And a new kitchen! And a nice yard! And rooms! Lots of rooms! We’re really looking forward to living in it (although not, so much, the moving AGAIN!).

Would someone like to let me know where this year is going? It’s the second half of March, it’s nearly EASTER, and the holidays are rocketing on not long after that! In which we have Mum & Dad visiting, and Conflux happening, and oh my goodness, time does fly!!

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Everybody coughing, coughing, coughing…

While husband is the only one who seems to be relatively unwell, and I’m pretty much over it, we’ve all got this hideous cough that just won’t quit. Alongside that, Bub has the most enormous tooth sprouting on the top, which is causing him all sorts of grief. So we’re a bit sorry for ourselves and weary – not sleeping all that well, and with the 5am starts (thanks to bub), I’m starting to feel a bit brain dead. I need to be going to bed earlier, but that’s hard too, especially with a bucketload of assignments to mark. Ah well, will get there in the end!

Work is good. Kids are good. Things are happening on the home reno front: got all our new window coverings yesterday, which look great. Paid the second deposit for the back patio and finalised the colours today and booked the install date. Then booked the date with the fence guy, because once the patio goes in, our old pool fence will be gone, and that’s not good. And supposedly (he’s not all that reliable), the pool liner will go in on Friday, which will be great. So things are all happening!

I also booked our tickets to visit the grandparents after Christmas – braindeadness cost me about $400 cos I’m an idiot, but we’re booked, which is nice. Helps with planning, and it’s one more thing done.

So now I’m focussing on marking assignments, working on the school yearbook (which should have been at signoff point, but unfortunately, due to staff changes, didn’t get done throughout the year), and getting caught up on three terms of work 🙂

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Good news and bad news

Good news: extension to date to be out of rental – two weeks
Bad news: new date june 8 (fly home from Adelaide date)
Good news: tentative settlement date for new property that tenant will be moved out by.
Bad news: tentative settlement date June 5 (fly to Adelaide date).

*cries a little*

The tenant may find somewhere new to live sooner, which will bring settlement forward and mean we may not have to miss Conjecture. Maybe 😦

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