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Another week over

It boggles me how fast time is going right now! With the broken sleep, and lots of baby cuddles during the day, as well as running around after the bigger kids, it just seems to evaporate! Since last update, one thing that has happened was a surprise visit from the landlord of our rental here (COMPLETELY against all the rules!) to tell us she was not prepared to extend our lease for the duration we had requested, meaning we either have to be bullied into another 12 months, or leave. Given our lease expires 26 December, you can imagine how impressed I am. Ever so graciously, she’s given us until the 25th of January if we are moving – still unimpressed, given the schedule we have for the next six weeks. And there are bugger all houses suitable for us, in our price range, in the areas we’d be happy to move to – even MORE unimpressed. So despite my misgivings (and the fact the owner plans to put the house on the market, by the sound of things), it looks like we will probably have to re-sign for another year, and accept that we won’t be looking elsewhere for the duration. Which has positives and negatives, the most negative being (for me), that the bully wins. Grrrr.

Other than that, things speed on towards Christmas. Got Master Ten and Miss Seven’s presents wrapped yesterday, still working on the rest. Kids finished school today (a week and a half earlier than the public system, jeepers!) and now I have to find things for them to do for the next week! 🙂 Bubs is doing well, even though sleeping at night has its ups and downs – had his four week health check yesterday (a little late due to a reschedule by the clinic) and he’s put on over 1.2kg in three weeks – which you can tell, just be carrying him! And he’s outgrown both the newborn baby nappies and the first of his 000 growsuits (the 0000 one we had got one outing only!) – happens so quickly, then you turn around and they aren’t tiny any more!

Kids finished school today – a week and a half earlier than the public schools! Kids enjoyed their last few days, with lots of parties and extra activities. They finished at lunchtime, and I offered to have a friend’s two as well, as she had to work, so we hung out at Maccas for a couple of hours before coming home for more play. I spent the afternoon/evening packing all the school ephemera into a box – we have a number of such boxes, detritus of daycare/school/birthdays etc. I guess vaguely I think one day I’ll get time to “scrapbook” it all, but I think that if I listen to the honest part of me, I know that’s never going to happen! That said, I remember coming across some of my early primary school books as an adult, and it’s great fun to look through them. If Mum and Dad can be bothered carting boxes of “stuff” around for the next 20 years!

Anyway, am finally printing the Christmas letter, so might start addressing some envelopes. Have to figure out whose physical addresses I actually have! May end up only being family if I can’t unearth the address book!

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Real Estate Agents are lying bastards

I don’t think I have any on my flist – if I do, I apologise because naturally I don’t mean YOU! But the real estate agent we’ve had to deal with for the new property is an absolute tosser, and I’m starting to wonder if he’s not a little split personality, because the two phone calls I had with him this afternoon were like dealing with two completely different people! 

I then had a lovely phone call with the very sane conveyancing solicitor (REALLY glad I went with the solicitor now, and not the straight conveyancer). Hopefully all will be well for settlement Friday. Think the RE Agent is playing games, although have no idea why (well, we think he might be related to the tenants in the house, but who knows).

But seriously, if you knew, as the agent, that the property managers were dragging their feet and that there was even the SLIGHTEST chance that settlement would be delayed when you KNEW the new owners HAD to be out of their current rental by the day BEFORE that delayed date, wouldn’t you let the new owners know?


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House update

Well, all the paperwork is signed, and hopefully in the right places. Fingers crossed. I rang the real estate agent again yesterday to see if there’s any (good) news on when the tenant was moving out. After about five minutes of waffling (is it some sort of requirement for agents that they must bullshit their way through three quarters or more of any conversation?) he finally said that he had heard late Thursday that the tenant has found a new property, and may be out as early as May 27 (yay!) but no later than June 2 (not-so-yay). June 2 is the day after the long weekend here in WA, but not long enough before we fly out on Thursday nite (well, 5 past midnight Friday morning really) for the property to have its final inspection, settle, and us move in. Grrr. So I’m hoping for May 27, which would give us a couple of days for the property to be inspected and settle, and then the long weekend for us to move. But I need to KNOW!


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House Hunting, Day 2

Today we saw the final house on our shortlist – it was the second cheapest one (by $500 more than the cheapest) that we thought might suffice. We weren’t expecting much though, after those we saw yesterday for the same ball park price. We were pleasantly surprised. It’s not fancy, but it has what we need, plus a pool, large back patio, better kitchen than I’d expected, and plenty of things that don’t NEED doing, but could be made to look nicer!

We have made an offer… 

The only problem is that it’s tenanted, and the time frame doesn’t *quite* match for getting the tenants out and us needing to move – I’m trying to speak to our rental real estate about this to see if there’s any wiggle room there. Fingers crossed, otherwise we really *could* be on the street for up to two weeks! 


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Well fuck

Just had a phone call to say our lease will not be renewed as the owner needs the house for his son to move in to. 

I’m taking bets that the first words my husband says when he finds out are, "Told you we should have bought that house…"

Fuck. I fucking hate moving. I fucking HATE house hunting 😦

Isn’t it fortunate I have just had the gardens fixed up and cleaned the outside of the house.

Isn’t it excellent that the week the lease expires is the week before I’m supposed to be going to Natcon. I’m so very pleased I bought husband’s plane ticket to Adelaide last week. THAT was money well spent 😦 


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