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And since the holiday?

What have we done? Well, we’ve had Helen, Stewart and Julala visit off and on since last Sunday, as they try to find their perfect spot to relocate to. We’ve been house hunting ourselves, and have checked out those rentals suitable for us and put in a couple of applications. Fingers crossed one comes through quickly, because we have less than two weeks now until the move out deadline (though chances are we won’t be able to get out before then anyway – ah well!). I’ve been desperately trying to get a little ahead on the editing/publishing things I’d planned for the month, in anticipation of losing a significant chunk of time to packing/moving. And I’ve actually packed the first box! Fortunately (?) quite a lot of our stuff hasn’t been unpacked, which means less stuff to box, but there’s still a fair bit. And some boxes/bags which need redoing. *sigh* What else? A flying visit from the Flintharts while the Merrick-Woods were here. A couple of other quick social catch ups with local friends. An owner inspection of the house which forced a much needed tidy up. And working through a LOT of holiday photos and some blogging. Not all that a productive week, but a start has been made!! And now I am caught up on blogging. Woo!

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Holidaying in WA

Tuesday 18th December

Very early start to get to airport for 6.30am flight. Love Launceston airport for ease of bag drop and parking! First time with FOUR kids on flights – they were very very good! Especially the baby, who slept through most of it. Master Two was a bit feral by the end of the second flight, and woke up very cranky from his too-short sleep, but coped okay. Was a bit hot to hang about waiting for car rental, both in airport and again when picking up (they had the wrong car seats so we had to wait for changes) but eventually we got on the road.

First stop to auntie in Perth, partly to say hello, partly to pick up keys to holiday rental which had been dropped there for us. Then made our way to Rockingham to drop the bags and have a little explore of the house (which was HUGE. With lots of stairs! And a fabulous view, which was dominated by kite surfers for most of our visit).

We then headed to the foreshore for a get together with Miss Seven’s old school friends – kids had a ball, I enjoyed catching up with the other mums. We were all getting pretty weary by then, but had to go shopping – reminds me of how much I prefer Click and Collect!

Late in the afternoon we discovered there were issues with lighting in house. Too exhausted to muck about with it after first texts/calls to owner so fell into bed, to deal with it in the morning.

Wednesday 19th

An early start thanks to M2, but nice when I messaged Lyn and unexpectedly she and kids free to come visit – great start to the holiday proper! Electrician came while they were with us, and fixed the problem, thank goodness.

Late afternoon saw us head to more friends, the Giblings, in Port Kennedy for play and dinner. (cut here for big photos and lots more reportage!) Continue reading

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A pleasant outing

We have had a busy couple of days, mostly being not at home. After soccer on Wednesday night, I had an online video presentation, for a CBCA-WA judge’s talk. I didn’t realise how challenging speaking to an audience you can’t see can be – I rely a lot on the cues from the audience to know whether to keep speaking on a particular point or move on, and I had none of that! Was tricky, but I think it went well. I received a lovely bunch of flowers from the CBCA-WA branch today (well, probably yesterday, maybe even the day before! They were on the front doorstep, but we hadn’t used that door since we left Thursday morning, so only discovered today!), which was nice 🙂

Thursday we got in the car and headed south. It was a lovely day, and even though we took a scenic (very bad) road to our initial destination, we still managed to arrive early to ZooDoo, a wildlife park not too far from Hobart, but apparently in the middle of nowhere. I love that Tasmania’s hills make it seem like you’re in a very remote place, when in fact a major settlement could be just around the next bend! There we met up with Emma and her daughter, and spent a very pleasant few hours checking out the animals. Master Two overcame his initial trepidation to touch the native animals and enjoyed running up to wallabies to “pat roo!”. The big kids were quite taken with the lizard man, the bus ride and the birds. We all enjoyed!

From there, we made our way to Tansy’s place on the southern outskirts of Hobart, arriving just before she got home with eldest daughter. We were very pleased that the children got along extremely well (mostly), with the big girls bonding over trampoline time at once, and even Master Nine didn’t feel too left out. The littlies were very cute 🙂 Tansy and Finchy and I enjoyed face-to-face chat (interspersed with online interactions – normal for us!) and we even watched a bit of Doctor Who together, which was enlightening, Tansy being the long term fan she is, and Finchy being a scientist (what, Doctor Who not scientifically plausible? Never!) 🙂

We managed to head to bed at a respectable hour (darn you pregnancy!) but had a lovely leisurely start to Friday, which ended up with us wandering down to Big W (we don’t HAVE one in Launceston!) and surrounds for lunch. Not the cheapest of afternoons, but we had fun. We eventually said goodbye, as our cranky toddlers were pushed to the limits with no naptime, and the kids and I headed north again.

Today was another slow start, but then we had to brave the drizzle to take Master Nine to soccer. It wasn’t a pleasant time for spectators, but at least his team won! And today I’ve fluffled around doing not much except keep track of how Snapshot is going (launched yesterday!) and mucking about on the computer – more work tomorrow.

Not even worth posting the list – the only thing I’ve achieved is visiting friends!


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Christmas Eve, and scary deadlines are approaching!

We’ve had a marvellous couple of days. It was my husband’s 40th birthday on Thursday, but he wasn’t home. However, as a surprise for him I’d invited his closest friend/surrogate dad and family over to celebrate with us and they came, arriving early hours of Thursday morning. We didn’t end up catching up with them until 1pm because I got sidetracked at Alisa’s and with some last minute Christmas shopping after swimming lessons (thinking they would be sleeping off their travels – they weren’t, entirely, but it worked out okay!). I picked them up at their holiday house and took them to a lovely restaurant on the foreshore for lunch (where we toasted absent husband for his birthday), which killed a couple of hours, then back to our place for swim and toast for dinner, with Master Nine going back with them to sleepover!

Friday was our last Vac Swim day (to my enormous surprise, Miss Six passed stage 5, after only the week’s lessons! Master Nine passed stage 6 as well, but he’s had more practise!), and we had our friends’ boy with us. Came home and got presentable, then went and dragged things out of the shed to take to the charity bins – a bit silly to do AFTER showered and dressed! But that meant once our friends came over, I could dash out and do all the last minute things I needed to do, which included a meander around the madhouse shopping centre, SANS CHILDREN!! Got home just after my cousin called in, so had a chat with her, and once she left, we all piled in the car to go pick up husband from the plane. He was very surprised, and very pleased, to see our visitors.

Today I had booked us on the Fremantle to Perth Swan River Lunch Cruise for husband’s birthday, which was very nice, but we were all (particularly the kids) getting pretty weary by late afternoon. Mutual decision to all have an early night (well, except me, but that’s normal) in the hopes that Christmas Day will be full of cheer, not tears! Fingers crossed. We’re having pressies here in the morning, then heading for the hills to have Christmas lunch with my rellies – and then I really MUST do some more packing! Eep *deadlines loom*

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Too busy socialising to post, or pack!

It’s a really stupid idea to try to move house at this time of year. Christmas itself is bad enough in terms of social events and things that need to get done. Add to that a husband who is turning 40 (tomorrow) and an interstate move which involves saying farewell to friends of five different family members (okay, mostly my friends, but still!), well, that’s just crazy.

This past three days we seem to have just flitted from one social engagement to the next. Each day begins with Vac Swim. I LOVE Vac Swim, and am devastated that we won’t be doing anymore – four years of summer (Oct and Dec/Jan) holiday swimming lessons (for $10 for two weeks!) has seen the two biggest kids become quite competent swimmers indeed, and poor Master One won’t get that. Vac Swim is also great because it gives you a daily reason to get out of the house on holidays, and we’d often spend a couple of hours a day swimming with mates after lessons. Loved it! So decided to do one last week of it, even though I knew it would be crazy cakes round here. We snagged the early lesson, so really it doesn’t impact on our day other than to mean we are up and facing the day at a respectable hour, rather than a lazy one! So it’s good. WA folk with school aged kids, MAKE THE MOST OF VAC SWIM, IT’S AWESOME! (at a pool near you these holidays!).

Following swimming on Monday, I was lucky enough to be kid-free, as a friend took both big kids home for a day-long play date (Master One was at his final day of daycare). I squished in a bunch of jobs (including being here while the house got de-spidered) before heading out to lunch with Jody (was delightful on lots of levels – gonna miss her!). A few little jobs done on the way home from that, another hour or so at home alone which involved lots of secret present wrapping, then off to pick up all the kids to go to the Bellini residence for a long overdue dinner with them – one thing that I really hate about moving is that you do all these things you really should have done YEARS before, and then think how stupid it was that you hadn’t done them sooner. This was one such thing 😦 Had a great night with them, and they are two more awesome people I will miss.

Tuesday saw us with a friend from the WASLA committee and her kids come visit from Perth, along with Lee from work for part of it – another long overdue social meeting for Brenda and I! In the late afternoon following that we dashed out to toast the lovely new house that Jody has built and to say a final goodbye. *sniff*

And today has been fantastic, with about 24 kids from a bucketload of families from the kids’ school over for a long, fun day of play and chat. Almost without exception the kids were great, and the mother company definitely was! A little sunburnt now, despite liberal application of sunscreen, but really enjoyed the chance to say goodbye to them all.

And I’m feeling rather impressed with myself as on top of all that, the house is clean (thanks Sam for doing many of the dishes today before I got to them!), the washing is done and the back yard/patio are cleaned up ready for the gardeners tomorrow! Amazing! While the social whirl slows fairly dramatically for the next couple of days, it’s not non-existent but I shall report on that after the event, in order to keep secrets secret 🙂

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