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Browncoats ahoy!

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They’re adding a node to the International Space Station. The naming rights are up for grabs. NASA is asking for suggestions. Surprisingly, "Serenity" is an option.

Come on, Browncoats. You know what we have to do.



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Finishing Firefly

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I got to fix the sad lack in my fangirlishness and watch all fourteen eps of Firefly. And the special features. And the deleted scenes. Yep, I got well and truly addicted. It was almost sad watching it, because as I got deeper and deeper in, I knew that I was just stepping closer and closer to the end. The finish, the abrupt stop. And it’s so UNFAIR, because any idiot can see what Joss was doing and the breadth of the things he was planning. It sooo frustrating to know that we’ll never get to experience all that the way it was meant to be. *sigh* I know, fans have been expressing this for years and I’m very late to the bandwagon, but still…

I also know one of the reasons its so damn fanatic. Joss creates the chosen family. He did it in Buffy and he did it again in Angel. The people you are closest too are the ones you choose. That’s what the Serenity crew embody; the family that you create when yours is no longer there, or lets you down, or just doesn’t “get” you. It’s the family we all want for ourselves, especially in fandom, but particularly in our current society, where we are so transient, where extended family is not the norm, but we form closer ties with friends than anyone. As teens, our friends share our deepest secrets, and our parents are mutants who have no idea what it’s like to be human. The fact that we often move far away from our families at quite young ages now means that often we never get that sense of family relationship, EXCEPT with our peers. And I think that’s partly what Joss had to say in Firefly.

Of course, the cute guys, cool plots, awesome effects and Jossish dialogue may have helped a bit too. Jus’ sayin’.


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