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Whoops, there went April…

Just scrolled back and realised it has been over a month since I did a proper update here. It’s been busy and May has completely caught me unawares so I’ve had to hit the ground running!

Alisa setting up the launch of One Small Step and The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories at Conflux

Alisa setting up the launch of One Small Step and The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories (and Asymmetry from TPP) at Conflux

I seem to have had deadline after deadline, some of them big, some small, but they’ve been piling up like crazy. Over the past month or so I have:

  • had the house settle, and organised a bunch of renovations to happen before we move in (next week!).
  • presented an hour long talk on getting published, thanks to CBCA Tas.
  • attended kids’ school events and chauffeured them about to various things.
  • got sick (just a cold, which luckily never really laid me low, but was annoying).
  • had Mum & Dad visit, with the lovely touring about (mostly to find fishing spots for Grandpop & Master Ten) that entailed.
  • went to Conflux, the spec fic Natcon in Canberra (just for two days, but was great!).
  • launched two books.
  • published more books/stories electronically.
  • had Alisa come to visit for a week (wherein we made lots of plans and progressed some projects).
  • had a husband home for almost the whole time as he was sick.
  • edited and laid out the WASLA journal.
  • proofed some cool projects.
  • marked a bunch of uni assignments (okay, that’s still in progress…)
  • socialised a fair bit.
  • read some books
  • lots more stuff I can’t remember.

And had a fairly unsettled baby throughout – he’s been sleeping shockingly, but touch wood is improving a bit both with longer day sleeps and less night waking. Hopefully next week’s move doesn’t muck him up again.

I’m a lot in love with our new house. Really not looking forward to the packing and moving and unpacking next week, but SO looking forward to being in this house. Husband got the trampoline put up today, and he and the kids have been around there swimming almost every day since it settled, despite the builders/painters etc being there! We have built in the garage to be a fifth bedroom, and it has BUILT IN BOOKSHELVES! Ridiculously excited about this, and the other shelving in the house. We also tiled some living areas, and got a fair bit of painting done. We’ve also got some new screen doors coming, and solar panels (to subsidise the heated indoor pool running costs!), but the house is just fantastic.

Might be a bit slack on the updates for a bit longer, but hopefully in another week or so I can get back into being more present!

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Holidaying in WA

Tuesday 18th December

Very early start to get to airport for 6.30am flight. Love Launceston airport for ease of bag drop and parking! First time with FOUR kids on flights – they were very very good! Especially the baby, who slept through most of it. Master Two was a bit feral by the end of the second flight, and woke up very cranky from his too-short sleep, but coped okay. Was a bit hot to hang about waiting for car rental, both in airport and again when picking up (they had the wrong car seats so we had to wait for changes) but eventually we got on the road.

First stop to auntie in Perth, partly to say hello, partly to pick up keys to holiday rental which had been dropped there for us. Then made our way to Rockingham to drop the bags and have a little explore of the house (which was HUGE. With lots of stairs! And a fabulous view, which was dominated by kite surfers for most of our visit).

We then headed to the foreshore for a get together with Miss Seven’s old school friends – kids had a ball, I enjoyed catching up with the other mums. We were all getting pretty weary by then, but had to go shopping – reminds me of how much I prefer Click and Collect!

Late in the afternoon we discovered there were issues with lighting in house. Too exhausted to muck about with it after first texts/calls to owner so fell into bed, to deal with it in the morning.

Wednesday 19th

An early start thanks to M2, but nice when I messaged Lyn and unexpectedly she and kids free to come visit – great start to the holiday proper! Electrician came while they were with us, and fixed the problem, thank goodness.

Late afternoon saw us head to more friends, the Giblings, in Port Kennedy for play and dinner. (cut here for big photos and lots more reportage!) Continue reading

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Another week over

It boggles me how fast time is going right now! With the broken sleep, and lots of baby cuddles during the day, as well as running around after the bigger kids, it just seems to evaporate! Since last update, one thing that has happened was a surprise visit from the landlord of our rental here (COMPLETELY against all the rules!) to tell us she was not prepared to extend our lease for the duration we had requested, meaning we either have to be bullied into another 12 months, or leave. Given our lease expires 26 December, you can imagine how impressed I am. Ever so graciously, she’s given us until the 25th of January if we are moving – still unimpressed, given the schedule we have for the next six weeks. And there are bugger all houses suitable for us, in our price range, in the areas we’d be happy to move to – even MORE unimpressed. So despite my misgivings (and the fact the owner plans to put the house on the market, by the sound of things), it looks like we will probably have to re-sign for another year, and accept that we won’t be looking elsewhere for the duration. Which has positives and negatives, the most negative being (for me), that the bully wins. Grrrr.

Other than that, things speed on towards Christmas. Got Master Ten and Miss Seven’s presents wrapped yesterday, still working on the rest. Kids finished school today (a week and a half earlier than the public system, jeepers!) and now I have to find things for them to do for the next week! 🙂 Bubs is doing well, even though sleeping at night has its ups and downs – had his four week health check yesterday (a little late due to a reschedule by the clinic) and he’s put on over 1.2kg in three weeks – which you can tell, just be carrying him! And he’s outgrown both the newborn baby nappies and the first of his 000 growsuits (the 0000 one we had got one outing only!) – happens so quickly, then you turn around and they aren’t tiny any more!

Kids finished school today – a week and a half earlier than the public schools! Kids enjoyed their last few days, with lots of parties and extra activities. They finished at lunchtime, and I offered to have a friend’s two as well, as she had to work, so we hung out at Maccas for a couple of hours before coming home for more play. I spent the afternoon/evening packing all the school ephemera into a box – we have a number of such boxes, detritus of daycare/school/birthdays etc. I guess vaguely I think one day I’ll get time to “scrapbook” it all, but I think that if I listen to the honest part of me, I know that’s never going to happen! That said, I remember coming across some of my early primary school books as an adult, and it’s great fun to look through them. If Mum and Dad can be bothered carting boxes of “stuff” around for the next 20 years!

Anyway, am finally printing the Christmas letter, so might start addressing some envelopes. Have to figure out whose physical addresses I actually have! May end up only being family if I can’t unearth the address book!

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Um, where did that fortnight go?

That’s a bit of a rhetorical question I guess; I know where the past fortnight went. Down the rabbit hole of newborn baby/surgery recovery/being a mum in the lead up to Christmas! I was feeling pretty ordinary for a couple of weeks, but with a bit of help from daycare for the toddler, and my lovely family & friends, by the beginning of week three I was starting to perk up. This past week I’ve felt great, am coping well with the lack of sleep and starting to get a few things done that aren’t just taking care of baby/kids and trying to keep up with washing & tidying! Getting a little computer time, a little reading time, and a little socialising time too!

IMG_3127Started out last week by visiting my ex-work here to introduce the baby – Master Two was also popular, as he’d not been there either! Very pleasant, and both toddler and bub behaved beautifully.

Had Katrina visit Tuesday morning, and on Wednesday, Jo & I took the boys to the YMCA playgroup, which was really good – lots of programs there that we’re interested in, so will probably spend a bit of time there next year.

Spent the morning in the city centre on Thursday, but bub wasn’t impressed with a shopping morning – managed to achieve most of my goals anyway, which was good.

Susan & Nate came round Friday to tell us about their NZ trip, though for some reason the boys weren’t as good st playing together as they usually are.

Saturday, husband took the big kids to cricket in the morning (and did some sneaky birthday shopping on the way home!), then we all walked down to the swim school at midday for levelling assessment. And in amongst that week, we had lots of other visits too!

Bubbles10Yesterday was my 37th birthday, and along with lots of very kind good wishes via friends online, I was lucky enough to celebrate with old and new Tassie friends in real life! Tansy, Finchy & the girls came up from Hobart for the day (SO appreciate that effort, and the cakes!), the Flinthart clan (unfortunately sans Natalie) came in from Scottsdale, as usual bearing food, and cricket gear! Newer friends Susan, Paul & little Nate and Jo and John with Sophie & James joined us too, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in the park, on a gorgeous Tassie summer day! Despite a cake mishap which saw a four year old charge straight through a platter of newly frosted cupcakes, and a few cricket related injuries (the worst being Mr Flinthart attacking a tree with his face – I think the tree came out of the encounter the winner!), it was a simply delightful day, and I’m so thankful for the company to celebrate with. Baby was AWESOME, sleeping almost the entire time except for two very mini feeds! A great day.


And another enjoyable one yesterday – Susan & I drove out to Scottsdale to one of the last open Chickenfeed (cheap shop!) stores in Tassie to do a littleChristmas trinket shopping. We also raided Woolies, then called in on the injured Mr Flinthart, who promptly whipped up some exotic soup to charm Susan!

This morning I caved to three weeks of begging and took the baby in to the kids’ school. Miss Seven’s show & tell theme this week was “something precious” so I guess that was a no brainer 🙂 Teachers & kids were all appropriately impressed with bub, and Master Two enjoyed the visit as well – he quite liked hanging out in the Year 1 class doing drawings!

So in all, now I’m starting to feel normal again, we’re enjoying our end of year silly season lead up! Looking forward to the next few weeks (and I gotta say, glad NOT to be moving!) of the holiday season.


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Well, this is it!

Today is our last day of being a three child family. Tomorrow, I will be holding a brand new PERSON in my arms, instead of in my body, and that is pretty darn cool! Big kids, particularly Miss Seven, are pretty excited, and we are too – can’t wait to see what this little person looks like, and start to get to know him. Will he look like his siblings? Will I get the red-head I’m hoping for? Will he be as good a baby as the others were (fingers crossed!)?? A new chapter of our family’s journey is about to begin. It’s very exciting.

I’ve managed to get just about everything I aimed to do pre-baby done, which is good. Have three books sitting next to me I’d like to get the reviews written for, and there’s a basket of ironing to finish this afternoon, but I’m fairly happy with what I’ve finalised in the past few days. I could have got more done today, but chose to hang out at the Treasure Island play centre with Master Two and two friends and their offspring for about four hours, which was very nice. Will no doubt be up late again tonight (midnight last night, and still wasn’t all that sleepy when I eventually went to bed!) and it’s a 5am start for medication pre-caesarean tomorrow, then hospital by 7am. Watch for baby announcement sometime after 10am I reckon! Look forward to sharing our new bub with you 🙂 And REALLY looking forward to being able to bend over, and tie my shoelaces, again!


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