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On the gmail help pages there’s a little box…

… it says:


We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a number of users. This problem occurred at approximately 1.30AM Pacific Time. We’re working hard to resolve this problem and will post updates as we have them. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

INCONVENIENCE? I’d fucking say so! ARGH!

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WTF has happened to gmail???

Anyone else had it disappear?


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New email address

And I finally made the full switch on my email address. New email is editormum75 (at) gmail [dot] com

asimmum e-dress will still be forwarded for the foreseeable future, barring gmail shenanighans.

And I learned something VERY useful from girliejones  on the weekend regarding multiple gmail accounts. If you don’t save your login details, you can in fact log on to different accounts in different IE windows. This is a wonderful break through for me! You probably all knew it already though 🙂 Most handy when one works out of multiple email accounts.


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New email address

I’ve f-locked this post, so fingers crossed it doesn’t go out into the wild!

Due to ongoing email issues, I’ve now got a new email address. Please change this in your e-dresses and drop me a line if you will as I have no contacts anymore 😦  

I’ve also lost all my emails from the past 18 months or so since I started using Outlook which is kind of devastating, as that’s my filing system. Most importantly, if you sent me an email in the past two weeks that required action, PLEASE resend it to the new address.

asimmum at gmail dot com

Thanks folks.


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