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Wheeee!! Shiny new e-reader!

Finally got my Sony PRS-505 e-reader today. I can now e-read to my heart’s content. Yippee!

cassiphone ‘s question about male and female characters in stories also made it clear that lots of us really like Lois McMaster Bujold. Must go read more now.


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I just bought a Sony PRS 505 – a little bit accidentally. I put in an offer on one on eBay. And won. I had just finished chatting with J Strahan about his, and, well, it just kind of happened…




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More on e-book readers

Thank you to those who replied to my earlier post – consensus seems to be that a dedicated reader is the better bet, given volume of reading. So what about these?


Clearly the Iliad is teh awesome, but just a touch more than I’d like to pay! The CyBook and HanLin are WAY up the top end of my price range, but if I knew it was going to be worth it…

Any thoughts?

BTW, the link to these popped up on a google ad on my gmail – Google is so clever…


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Oh LJ hive mind, help me!

I desperately want to get a device to read electronically. I can’t stand sitting at my desktop to read, and I really want something I can carry with me easily. Can’t get Kindles in Australia of course. And I really wish Google would decide to blow all these other suckers out of the water with something really cool in an e-reader, but I guess it’s not happening soon. So I’m tossing up. Esteemed colleague Mr Strahan has said nice things about the Sony E-Reader, but these are apparently not sold in Australia either – well, none of the tech places I’ve asked about them have a clue! Clearly we’re ahead of our time here in Aus, wanting to read electronically!

I’m torn. Do I bite the bullet and get myself an I-Phone (and new glasses)? Do I toss my hat in the ring and get an EEE PC? Or do I just say, stuff it, and got for single functionality, and order a Sony from eBay or Amazon? 

I guess I’ll get a lot more use out of the I-Phone than just reading, but chances are it’ll drive me batty with the small screen. EEE PC will let me do other stuff as well, but is a bit dearer and less portable than the other options. E-Reader is limited function which might annoy me for the price, but will mean I’m getting the best reading I guess.

Fors and Againsts?  Anyone?


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Getcher Hal Spacejock heeyah…

If you have not yet been fortunate enough to have the Hal Spacejock experience, now’s your chance to get it for absolutely free! All that is required is for you to click a few buttons. Like this link:


You know you want to.

Hal Spacejock Cover
And if you like it, just so you know, book 4 (No Free Lunch) was just released, so there’s plenty more where that came from!

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