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Have been having some really vivid dreams lately. Not entirely sure why, but some have been very odd! Two nights in a row last night I had the “all your teeth fall out” one (woke up clenching my jaw and checking them!). On Saturday night I dreamed about Sean Williams telling me all about his new book series in some bar in a Middle Eastern country somewhere (!), and last night my dream ranged from a fling with Jethro from NCIS, to meeting up with my first love again (who was running a waterfront business of some kind with my cousin – they have never met in real life!), to spending time with my husband. WTF??!!

I used to dream really vividly when I lived in the NT, to the extent I didn’t get homesick because it was like I saw all my friends and family in my dreams each night! And when I’m pregnant I go through a vivid dream stage (can unequivocally say I’m not!), but I’ve no clue why I’m dreaming so wildly right now. Is weird (but kinda fun 🙂 )

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Last night I dreamed two very distinct and very weird dreams. Now I can’t bloody remember them. Except that in one, a black snake was in my house and bit my husband, and I applied a pressure bandage. The other one was way weirder, and really cool in a weird way, but I can’t remember it now. Bah.

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