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Australian Spec Fic Events Calendar

Thanks to hosting by [info]girliejones  over at ASif, we now have an Australian Spec Fic Events Calendar. I’ll be adding events as I run across them, but such a thing works best when folks send in details, so please do! Updates and new events welcome 🙂

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Convergence Day 4 (Monday)

The final day of a great weekend. Time to bust the bubble and go back to real life 🙂

Had brekkie with Sarah Murray-White which was very pleasant. Then up to Dealer room to pack up and say goodbye. Farmed some weight out to the very wonderful Donna H. to cart to Canberra for the ASIMites there to flog at Conflux in late September, and left Edwina in charge of the remaining stock to pass on to Ian to cart back to WA for halspacejock.

Lots of hugs and kisses and goodbyes and a few more sales (which is what I was there for after all!) and a firm conviction that Swancon (Natcon 2008) will be the place to be. Followed by the NZ Natcon Conscription in Auckland in 2009 where ethanthescribe will be Fan GOH!

Was lucky enough to share a taxi to the airport with the truly lovely Rowena Lindquist and Marianne de Pierres which was really the icing on the cake of a great weekend.

A final event though – at the airport I feed my netlife addiction, checking emails and flist etc as I hadn’t been near a screen for three days. I was online for half an hour, then dashed to the loo before my flight was called. When I emerged, a man rushed over and handed me my purse! I had left it on the net kiosk keyboard! He had noticed it and chased after me, then waited outside the loos because he had missed me going in. Cash, cards, ID, parking permit for Brissy airport, bank details, business cards and all the other crap I carry in my wallet. To that kind and honest man, I thank you. You are what makes the world a better place.

I had a deeply awesome weekend. The last couple of months have had their challenges so this was a wonderful break from reality. It was brilliant to meet people on my flist in real life, fantastic to see and talk to fellow ASIMites, talk editing with l-zinkiewicz, aifin and flinthart, and I’ve come away energised, inspired, and truly looking forward to Swancon 2008!


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Convergence Day 3 (Sunday)


Little sleep, little hangover to go with. Thoroughly enjoyed my first room parties at the time, but the morning after the night before was not *quite* as much fun. Was difficult to drag myself out of bed for so *many* reasons, but worth the effort. Had a very tame breakfast with Marianne de Pierres, Rowena Lindquist, Kate Forsyth and Pamela Freeman (I get to keep some exalted company these days!), then headed up to Dealer room. Almost fell asleep next to Slow Glass Justin while waiting for someone to open up for us, but this is no reflection on Justin himself!

Took about an hour to start feeling relatively human, but Diet Coke helped. Kisses and hugs for my hero, the very wonderful and thoughtful gillpolack who rode to the rescue of many, especially me and girliejones, with not only chocolate at regular intervals, but a berocca substitute too!

Another lovely day in the Dealer room that culminated in a little table party which was so great for me, as a green pass, Dealer room ONLY kinda gal. A highlight for me was meeting Tim, Publishing Director for Orbit US, and the lovely conversation we had. It gives me a huge boost to think that what we do at ASIM may help some of our wonderful authors springboard to other opportunities. I also got lucky with conversations with strangedave, Chris M, and of course my fellow ASIMites.

I managed to restrain myself to buying only three books despite the plethora on display and the lewd (no, not really) advances of Bill Congreve and Justin! I also picked up (with thanks) a review copy of the latest Aurealis mag. Somehow missed grabbing the new catsparx project Daikaiju, but I will remedy that!

Left Dealer room for the bar, where I finally met Paul Haines, who knows he is the reason we produced a separate Horror Best Of anthology. 7pm saw Ian, flinthart, aifin and myself head out for Malaysian this time (again lovely despite my non adventuresome tastes). We had to be back by 8.30 for a date with McDreamy. It was with gratified surprise that I found girliejones and Ian are as addicted and obsessed as me, and we attempted to indoctrinate cassiphone, aifin and flinthart. A cuppa, some choccy, great viewing company and a quiet night in. Bad cassiphone though – Seacastle kept me up for a while because it was so easy to read! Great work.


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Convergence Part 2 (Saturday)

Broke fast relatively early and was up to the Dealer room by 9 to stuff showbags and set up table. Ian N and tillianion brought issues from WA and Canberra respectively, and halspacejock had posted over a bunch of back issues direct to the hotel. With the new ASIM merchandise range, new issue (the very brilliant 29, edited by Dirk Flinthart), back issues, showbags and the brand new ASIM Best Ofs, the table looked pretty spiffy. Crowded, but spiffy.

For me, the best part of the Dealer room is the opportunity to see and meet so many people. Lovely threemonkeys stopped by. I met new artists, saw past and present authors, ex-members and made some new connections.

Convergence was a very friendlicon in member-wise. Everyone was lovely to speak with and I got to talk about Andromeda Spaceways a lot, which I love! Sales were steady and I had fun convincing people to part with their money.

Lots of ASIMites in attendence meant I wasn’t alone at the table. Edwina (also touting Celestial Cobbler and Bullsheet), Sue B, l_zinkiewicz, Ian N, flinthart and aifin . Also ex-ASIMites cassiphone, tillianion, girliejones, benpayne, Rowena L and Stephen G.

Meeting Dave Freer and having him sell himself an e-sub was good fun too!

Saturday evening saw the launch of Dark Space by Marianne de Pierres and The Darkness Within by Jason Nahrung from Hachette (both reviewed on the Andromeda Spaceways website at http://www.andromedaspaceways.com. I finally got to meet Nicola Pitt from Hachette, and embarrassed myself completely when finally meeting girliejones because I was talking about tracking her down to meet her and she was standing right next to me! For photos of the event (both this meeting and the launch in general!), and the some of the rest of the con, see catsparx

Saturday Night – the fun bits

The launch was great, and by this time, pleasantly buzzed on good company and reasonable wine (!), Ian N, l_zinkiewicz, Chris M, flinthart and I wandered off to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. I’m not terribly food adventurous, so “foodie” flinthart order for me, and I surprised myself by really enjoying it. Excellent wine and company too!

Headed back to the hotel for the catsparx room party and discovered that girliejones had won three Ditmars! Woohoo, not very fannish one! Great to see Stephen G (an ex-member), and we left for the ASIM room party prior to the shutting down of catsparx‘s very crowded one!

The ASIM rp went on til the very wee hours of the morn. Highlights: DF putting his body on the line and taking one for the team; meeting strangedave who is much shorter than I imagined him, but no less masculine 🙂 ; chatting with girliejones, threemonkeys, cassiphone, aifin and l_zinkiewicz in real life instead of online; and watching Ian preside over his court. Somehow my glass kept getting refilled, and it was just loads of fun.


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Convergence Part 1 (Friday)

Arrived in a (cold!) Melbourne on Friday afternoon with two massively heavy bags to find no motel shuttle busses available. Searched in vain for a familiar face who might share a cab with me, and considered asking total strangers, but in the end bit the bullet at got one by myself. $45 later I arrived at Rydges.

Tracked Ian N down in his room to make arrangements to pick up ASIMs from him, then found Edwina H and l_zinkiewicz in the Dealer’s room. Made Ian come with me to get my very special one of a kind Dealer Room ONLY green tag (long story).

After chucking the ASIM and Celestial Cobbler stuff on tables, we three girls and Ed’s friend Anne then went for a bite to eat and a whole heap of eye candy (in the form of Pirates III – hey, I’m not ashamed to say I liked it! I wanted a whole heap of Captain Jack and by god I got it! Orlando wasn’t too bad either!).

After the flick, l_zinkiewicz and I had a couple of drinks in a quiet-ish corner of the hotel bar (we’re co-editing ASIM 36 so it was nice to be able to chat face to fact). Were joined by Craig McBride who I’d had email communique with regarding Worldcon, so nice to put face to name.

Managed to get to bed not *too* long after midnight.

More to come!

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