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New mouse

And the user pic just cos I wanted to! For some reason it reminded me of cassiphone , although I’m not entirely sure why! Again from the wonderful deepfishy

The left click (most used part of the computer) on my mouse died on Monday night. First thing Tuesday morning, I went to the Good Guys and bought a new one. Now many of the problems I had been having with my computer seem to have vanished. Can a new mouse really have such power?


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Testing testing

Test post while I’m at

‘ house playing with LJ tools (get your minds out of the gutter!).



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I KNOW there is a place on my stinking computer that hides frigging documents that I open from an email attachment (in Word), work on, save and exit. I forgot to save it to My Documents, but I KNOW there’s a temporary file somewhere that it hides. WHERE?!


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I haz desk, I haz computer, I haz happy.

I can now type in comfort again. Watch out…

Now I just have one more chest of drawers to put together, and a million things to still put in their correct new place, and a massive pile of filing and an even bigger pile of rubbish to dispose of, but hey, I haz desk!

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Email errors

If anyone has had an email bounced from my dragonkat address in the past 12 hours or so, my apologies. I was sent a BIG batch of photos that have been holding up the works. In the process of fixing now (and desperately looking forward to broadband…)

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