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Australian Spec Fic Events Calendar

Thanks to hosting by [info]girliejones  over at ASif, we now have an Australian Spec Fic Events Calendar. I’ll be adding events as I run across them, but such a thing works best when folks send in details, so please do! Updates and new events welcome 🙂

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Community Service Announcement

Smoke detectors were made mandatory in Queensland homes at the beginning of July. I think this is a good thing, but policing it is naturally a problem. However, we need to remember that the reason it is law now is not because bureaucrats need more work to do, but because smoke detectors save lives. You can get a smoke detector for under $20 at the hardware store, and they’re really easy to put on the roof. And they could save a life.

If you are in a rental house or flat in Queensland (not sure on the policy in other states) and there are no smoke detectors installed, report it to your real estate agent and they will ensure the landlord complies with the law. 

For more information, go HERE.

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