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Prospective Job

So here I was, feeling a bit more positive about the prospective job. I rang some childcare centres and could get both kids into a handy one on the way into Maryborough for three days a week, and baby girl into a not so handy one in Hervey Bay on the other two days (when boyson is at a Hervey Bay kindy already). All very good and nice I’m sure. Then I did a bit of homework, checked out the school website again, and downloaded the Education Queensland pay rates so I knew what sort of pay I needed to make sure I was getting to be at the right point (as I’m unsure what sort of payscale Cath Ed uses and whether they’ll start me at the same point as EQ). Then I did the math. So much for feeling positive.

Childcare costs = $453 ish per week (yes, AFTER government rebate – where’s the incentive for working families Mr Howard!)
Maximum gross pay I *might* get = $1140.95
Approximate take home pay = $804.99 per week (very poorly worked out – English teacher, not a maths one!)

Okay, so that leaves me with $351 ish take home. But is it? I mean, I’ve got five days of travel time which is approximately 600km per week. That’s at least a tank of fuel at about $80 per week. Down to $270 ish. We’ll probably have to leave home at 7am and won’t get back til after 5pm. When do I see my kids? When do I see my husband (in the ten days a month he’s home!).

Working full time with my kids in long day care all week = priceless. Yeah right.

Still it’s $270 I wouldn’t have had before. If they pay me at that pay rate.

Stop whinging. I know there’s a lot of people worse off. I’m self centred. Bah.


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