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Get stuffed Channel 7

Here’s the thing Channel 7. I work. I have three kids. I need to try to get to bed no later than 10.30pm, 11pm at the absolute latest. If you’re going to insist on not even STARTING the shows that are supposed to be on your Sunday night lineup until 10pm, I’m going to stop watching. I’m going to tell you to fuck right off, and I’m going to buy me the DVD sets of the shows I love, that you are supposed to be showing from 8.30pm on Sunday nights. Or at least, no later than 9pm. It’s nearly 10pm now, and the stupid fucking X-Factor isn’t nearly finished. 

So get stuffed Channel 7. I’m going to bed and tomorrow, I’m buying box sets of Bones and Castle. I wonder who will get the money from that? I’m pretty sure it’s not you.

No love.


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