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Cut for kid and gratuitous CAT photos!


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So, as mentioned in the holiday post a week ago, the new house is not made of awesome and I’m not all that happy with it right now. One of the things adding to this not happy is the face that we got two kittens (about four months old now) just after we moved in. Now, we’ve always had a cat, and I’ve always loved having a cat. The kids had gone 18 months without a pet and were dead keen for another. So we got kittens from a good breeder, a breed I’ve had before and adored. But it’s really not working out.

None of us are willing to have the cats sleep in our rooms at night, for various reasons. They are very affectionate and pretty little things, and are excellent with the kids, but I think the house is too small for two indoor cats, two kids and two adults, one of whom has lost her patience with pets since she had kids! There’s also the fact the kids and I are out from early morning til late afternoon at least five days a week, and hubby is not really a cat person (although he’s probably nicer to the poor little beast than I am these days!). So sadly, over the last month of perseverance and hopefulness that I’d get used to having cats again or get over whatever the problem was, we’ve come to the conclusion that we might have to rehome the kittens. This is not a decision we make lightly, but as there are some other events coming up in our immediate future that will also impact upon the space in the house, it is one we have to make.

They are both very affectionate, playful, vaccinated, house trained, neutered, microchipped and registered, and are excellent with children. I paid $800 for the pair – very, very, very negotiable on price to a good home! 

Would really appreciate it if anyone knows of someone who might be interested in one or both.



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