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Still here!

I’m just going to list the things I’ve been doing instead of blogging, because that might explain why I haven’t been blogging…

  • Marking university assignments and sessional tutoring (two different universities).
  • Writing a subject for Charles Sturt University’s new Masters degree.
  • Reading approximately 8 million books on a deadline for CBCA Book of the Year Awards.
  • Wrangling Aurealis Awards judging.
  • Publishing several books since October.
  • Edited final copy of WA School Library Association journal for 2013 (plus reporting for AGM).
  • Organising birthdays for several of us and Christmas at home for us and a bunch of friends.
  • Trying to maintain a semi-organised and clean house of six people.
  • Maintaining an active social schedule for the children…
  • Applying for several jobs. Failing to get shortlisted for a single Tasmanian one (Tas-mate-ia…), but getting flown up to Canberra for an interview for a fantastic position in a lovely school and being offered the job on the spot. No, we aren’t moving at this stage – I’m going FIFO while David is house-husband!

And probably other stuff I’ve forgotten because I’ve been too damn busy!

Goals for the next four weeks before I start my new job:

  • Sort out and cull the zillions of boxes still not unpacked.
  • Tidy out the kids’ rooms & cupboards.
  • Find a small studio/bedsit/unit to live in while in Canberra.
  • Edit forthcoming FableCroft novel.
  • Sort out (with Tansy) Cranky Ladies pitches for FableCroft.
  • E-publish final Glenda Larke novel in the Isles of Glory trilogy.
  • Finish the final touches on the unit writing for uni.
  • Hang out with kids.
  • Read more CBCA books.
  • Wrangle shortlists for Aurealis Awards.

That should do it!


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Just keep swimming…

So. Many. Things. To. Do.

  • batch of uni marking
  • formatting Liquid Gold to get ebook ready for sale
  • organise contract for forthcoming FableCroft project and format for sale (to be announced)
  • finish editing for (different) forthcoming novel project for FableCroft (to be announced)
  • work up blog posts for Momentum (I was announced as their new blogger on the weekend!)
  • keep unpacking (does it never end! We finally got Miss Seven into her room over the weekend, but there are STILL BOXES!)
  • CBCA reading (starting out late doesn’t help, but I’m almost on top of things)
  • clean bedrooms and put away all the things accumulating there
  • Continuum this weekend!

Oh, and keep kids alive and loved. Cos they’re cute and all 🙂



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Did I get it all done?

Well, mostly!

  • Conquer the washing
  • Conquer the folding, ironing and putting away. Yeah, didn’t get to the ironing – will quickly do the school uniforms for tomorrow, but the rest will have to wait.
  • Finalise Epilogue and get it to the printer.
  • Proofreading job for Twelfth Planet Press (sorry Alisa!). <– GREAT BOOK!!
  • Answer some important, neglected emails.
  • Watch new Fringe and Once Upon a Time (to be achieved while folding etc). <– turns out I didn’t have any OUAT, but am up to date of Fringe!

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I’ve been really rubbish at keeping up with everything – I’ve been shocking at answering perfectly simple emails, hopeless at getting house clean, terrible at doing important jobs, and though I haven’t missed any deadlines yet, I’m just not motivated to get AHEAD either! There are some good reasons probably, and hopefully it will be clearer soon, but a good part of it is that working full time has really impacted on my available time (duh), and I’m just not coping very well. Add to that I REALLY miss having a cleaner (she only came once a fortnight, but that makes a HUGE difference in what you have to keep up with the rest of the time!), and, well, there you have it. Not only do I have less time to play with, there’s more things I have to get done with it – I don’t see housework as an optional extra. I hate having a house that looks dirty, and I don’t like not wanting to have friends drop in because it’s such a mess.

I did overcome one small barrier to my quest to make housekeeping a tad easier – yesterday I called in at Godfreys and walked out 10 minutes later with a new vacuum cleaner (with free steam mop and free foot spa – win!). My last vacuum bit the dust, rather literally, after husband thought it might be a good idea to vacuum out the ashes of the fireplace with it. Erm, no. We have a Vax, but while it does a good job for carpet washing, for some reason it’s terrible at vacuuming. So I needed a new one, and got one. Vacuumed this morning – was fairly painless. So hopefully the floors will be a little easier to look after now – although with kids, what’s clean one minute is covered in sand, dirt, or *stuff* within five, but anyway… 🙂

Also yesterday, was lucky enough to have a friend babysit Max so I could watch The Avengers with her husband and a bunch of kids (not all of which belonged to either of us!). I really enjoyed it, and we laughed a lot (in a good way). We then spent the evening at their place, being plied with home made pizza and good conversation.

Things to do today:

  • Conquer the washing
  • Conquer the folding, ironing and putting away.
  • Finalise Epilogue and get it to the printer.
  • Proofreading job for Twelfth Planet Press (sorry Alisa!).
  • Answer some important, neglected emails.
  • Watch new Fringe and Once Upon a Time (to be achieved while folding etc).

It’s already 12.30. Best I get a move on!

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Busy days

I probably should note the jobs I need to do these holidays, because they’re already almost a quarter over and we’ve been too busy socialising to work! Yesterday we went to the Fun Station with one of Master Eight’s mates (who then followed us home for more play), and today was an unexpected but thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with Terri and Nick, who came from opposite end directions on the freeway to visit! However, there are some important jobs that need doing, so:

1. Tax (there’s a REASON it’s top of the list!)

2. Read slush.

3. CBCA reading

4. Write talk for WA Library Officer’s Day (for next Friday)

5. Clean out shed & pack stuff

6. Sell truck and Pajero for husband

7. Still be social!

(Ahem, ETA…) 8. Compile WASLA Library Journal. Fairly important that one!

Ah, is not so much! *goes off to start work*

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