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A lovely birthday-ish weekend

I’ve had enough of productivity for the day but while I’m waiting for the iPad to sync some episodes of Fringe Season 3 for me to watch in bed, I figured I may as well update!

Friday was a lovely day from beginning to end. Was spoiled rotten at work by my wonderful staff, receiving lovely presents, a fantastic morning tea, and had a very peaceful day (helped in part by the excellent birthday helium balloon they got me, which sang a boppy “Happy Birthday” tune whenever you whacked it – was brilliant because sometimes whacking something was needed, then you got smiley because of the tune!). This was followed by a bit of a stressy afternoon as a minor car accident meant rearranging the evening plans, but it all worked out (and luckily no-one was hurt – poor Cheryl’s new car the only victim) and we ended up at a marvellous Greek restaurant in Fremantle which was both delicious and fun! A MUCH later night than I’m used to these days, but very lovely.

Saturday we were up early (thank you Master One *sigh*) and at the shops by 8am, followed by visitors for the whole day – Lyn came sans kids, but this was more than made up for by one of Miss Six’s friends (whose dad came and went but was happy to sit and chat with all the ladies when he was here!), two of Master Nine’s mates, and four kids with a friend from the kids’ school and HER mum! The weather was perfect for lounging by the pool, which we did with much abandon! Ate delicious food and drank tea and wine at various intervals – just what I needed for the day!

Sunday we had Miss Six’s friend again from 8am til 2pm, so that made her happy. I managed to tidy up nice and early (including a second load of dishes from Saturday and ALL the washing since Thursday, which dried in about half an hour in the hot and windy morning we had!) and then hook into some sorting out of stuff. Packed up more books from the bookcase (have finally bitten the bullet and decided that I need to accept the only reading I’m going to fit in before the move is CBCA related!) and put up the $20 optic fiber Christmas tree I got at Coles yesterday (in lieu of dragging out all the usual Christmas stuff – I just couldn’t face having to pack it all up again the day after Christmas, on top of EVERYTHING ELSE that has to be packed!). I also finished another box of CBCA reading (a week early still – no idea how!) and sent the report off. Caught up on the inbox. Had lots of cups of tea. Felt productive!

The weeks ahead are filling up rapidly – meetings and get togethers and school commitments and appointments to get house ready for renting – busy days ahead, so if I’m a bit quiet round here, that’ll be why 🙂

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Too long between posts

But so much to do, and blogging just doesn’t seem to be a priority right now. Still, we’ve done some stuff so here’s a quick update.

I finished slushing for Apocalypse Hope (working title) and should be ready to announce the TOC by mid-December. And another project too, that arose very unexpectedly because of a story from the slushpool! More on that as soon as I’ve finalised some details 🙂

Work is pretty hectic. I have seven days of work left (six really, as the final day is the staff Christmas day). Lots to get done, even more to try to have organised to make the transition of leaving a smooth one. Many frustrations and a bit of sadness involved.

Today I got to have the family part of my birthday as husband is back to work tomorrow. So I got pressies (earrings, a bracelet & perfume) and dinner out this evening. We also went for a drive to Enjoy our beautiful views of the setting sun over the water – we’ll miss it! I’m a little afraid of what tomorrow will bring – my staff are wonderful at spoiling people but not in the least known for their restraint!!

What else? Well I’ve booked all the stuff for our move, including the cleaning etc that has to be done to prepare the house for rental. I’ve also booked our flights to Queensland (no floods this time please Mother Nature?) and then to Tassie. We have dates and deadlines, woo!! I’m selling some bits and pieces of furniture (kids beds, BBQ, old TV, Miss Six’s shelves and drawers) so if you’re in WA and interested, let me know!

I’m also having a MASSIVE MOVING SALE at FableCroft, with huge discounts on all books, with the best bargain being ALL THE BOOKS for just $35 inc postage – you’ll not top that 🙂

Hmm, what else? Reading continues for CBCA with many big fat YA books in these last few boxes, making a mockery of my chuffedness at being quite ahead a couple of weeks ago! And we’re in the last few weeks of being open to entries for the Aurealis Awards – don’t forget to enter your eligible works!

I’m sure there’s more but I have not the brain to think of it!


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Well, that was a birthday!

Miss Six celebrated her sixth birthday today. Despite the fact we weren’t having a party this year (just like we weren’t having one last year), somehow we ended up at the bowling alley with 20+ kids and a LOT of noise! In a way, I felt a bit like it was M6’s last time with that particular group of friends (some from daycare, some from school – she’s been friends with some of them for four years, so moving will be a big step), so decided to do the party. While having it at bowling was expensive, it meant the only thing I had to organise was the cake (love you Cheesecake Shop), and even though I was still kid wrangling throughout the party, not having to worry about set up and clean up was TOTALLY worth the money! They supplied the party bags and all. Bliss! M6 had a lovely time with her friends, Master Eight enjoyed it cos he loves bowling (and had a few friends with him as well, so totally happy), and it overall went very well. So happy birthday, my six year old girl – as you can see from the pix, she’s growing up! 

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Birthday time!

It’s a bit hard to believe, but Miss Five will tomorrow become Miss Six. Where does THAT time go? She’s been terribly excited all week about her birthday tomorrow. Despite my best efforts to resist, we’re having a party (at the bowling alley – minimal effort on my part I’m afraid, although I did make the invitations. And buy the cake. And book the place…), which has inevitably snowballed into madness, but ah well – I don’t have to clean up, so whatevs!

Can’t quite understand how she’s turning six already. Weird.

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So that was our holiday…

We are camped up in a lovely motel in Brisbane, right near the airport. Sadly our plan to spend a couple of days at the Gold Coast with my best friend from high school and her kids fell through. We were worried about road and weather conditions (naturally, both would have been fine, but ah well!) and decided it wasn’t worth the risk. If I’d been smarter, I would have booked a motel near Dreamworld and spent a few hours there with the kids in the morning, but in one way, this is probably better (more relaxing!). We got here about lunch time, and haven’t left the room yet! Will head down for a swim soon though. Kids would love it if I let them swim again tomorrow too, so we’ll see how we go. Flight isn’t til nearly 3pm, so we could also drop luggage and check in, then pop back out to DFO for a look… Have a very big handbag I got for Christmas that is currently EMPTY! I’m kind of half thinking we really need to come for a quick visit to the Gold Coast during the year with hubby, just for a theme park hit 🙂

The past couple of weeks have been lovely. We mostly spent the time with Mum and Dad, although we managed to catch up with my good friend Sharryn & her kids at the pool a lot, and various others with quick chats down the street and at the pool. With the flooding, we were fairly restricted in where we could go for most of our time there, which precluded a few of the plans we had to catch up with other friends. Probably didn’t see as much of my nephews & their mum as we should have (my brother was working mostly, and I wasn’t too stressed about seeing him anyway!) but we did try. Got some nice pics of the five kids together on our last day, which made Mum happy! 

We popped up to Roma last Tuesday for an afternoon shopping. Combined that with a catchup with a friend and her sons for lunch, which was nice. Enjoyed the sale at Toyworld and Target (kids stuff pretty much!) and picked up all the stuff for Bub’s first birthday! Yep, he turned ONE on Saturday, which I guess means he now gets referred to as Master One here! His party was the best catchup time of all probably – had a heap of adult friends and lots of kids and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Master Eight and Grandpop came back from their fishing trip at Poona just after the party started, which was great. Party went from 10am to 5.30 pm with various visitors and was just great. Master One enjoyed his friends, the food and his presents, so a success all round!

All in all, I wish we’d had the extra week at the start we were supposed to. And the floods interfered fairly significantly with our plans, but we were all safe and fairly dry, so it’s a small complaint to have, particularly when we drove through the devastated area down the range from Toowoomba today and saw how badly the people there are affected. We did have a lovely time but I’m also looking forward to getting home and not living out of suitcases! And seeing hubby 🙂

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