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FableCroft roundup

It’s been a busy week or so at FableCroft, so I’m rounding up the week with links!

1. Reminder about the pre-order special for Worlds Next Door – pay only $17.95 instead of RRP $19.95 by ordering before the end of May!  

2. The FableCroft website is now live and to celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of Justine Larbalestier’s awesome novel Liar – enter the competition here, and have a look around while you’re at it, if you like!

3. Also on the FableCroft website, I post about the new FableCroft ReviewCast, which I’ve just launched – basically it’s me chatting about books I’ve reviewed! I had a lot of fun making it, so it will no doubt become a regular thing. Will hopefully be on iTunes soon too. You can subscribe to the RSS for the podcast itself on the podcast site, or subscribe to the FableCroft RSS for updates ๐Ÿ™‚

4. And now to the Worlds Next Door website! WND gets its own site because it will host all the teaching materials to accompany the book, and I didn’t want to clutter up the FC website with all of that. You’re welcome to check it out though, and if any teachers out there would like to send in material, email me and we’ll chat! ๐Ÿ™‚

5. I started on the main reading of reprints for Australis Imaginarium this week as well – sent off a couple of acceptances and quite a few thanks but not quite right emails, but still have lots to get through, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard from me. I’m working on it ๐Ÿ™‚



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Week 15

And all’s well! Better than well – bub is sleeping around 12 hours each night, and so is the most wonderful child in the world ๐Ÿ™‚ I still can’t get to bed before 11pm, which is frustrating, but at least I’m getting at least six hours unbroken sleep a night!

Why aren’t I going to bed? Well, I have 150 books (YA and Children’s) to read in the next couple of months – I can now announce that I am a judge for the 2009 WA Premier’s Book Awards! I have a bookcase full of wonderful books which I have already started to enjoy. Obviously I won’t be talking about them during the judging process, but there will be lots of reading going on behind the scenes! This is on top of the review books that keep coming in – lucky I’m a fast reader and am on maternity leave!

Then there’s the stuff I’m doing to get FableCroft Publishing up and running. My first book, Worlds Next Door, went to the printer on Thursday night, which is very exciting. Now I move into full reading mode for Australis Imaginarium, and getting the website done is a priority too. I’ve also been doing some proofing for   and work for WASLA and ASLA, so have been keeping busy!

This week too, I booked my plane tickets for Worldcon – unfortunately my big plans for a driving trip across to Tassie, then to Worldcon, Sydney and QLD have been skittled by my darling husband (*sigh*), so I’ll be going to Melbourne with just the baby while he’s home with the big kids. We’re hoping instead to have a short family trip to Tassie in July.

Hmmm. Best go do some of that work then!

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Week 11

Ahem, I pretty much kept forgetting what day of the week it was all this week, what with the double sided long weekend, travelling, Swancon, and all that! So I’m posting this a day late with no excuse other than I forgot yesterday was Friday!

It’s been a busy week, with Master 7 racing off on his big adventure last Saturday. He’s had an absolute ball (all he did was go fishing all week – it was his aim, and he accomplished it!) He’s currently overnighting in Sydney with rellies – they’ve done the Easter Show and he apparently has the biggest grin on his face from that! Ferris Wheel and roller coaster big successes from the sound of it. He’ll arrive back here with my Mum tomorrow – little sister and brother really looking forward to seeing him (and yes, mummy might miss him a bit too).

Miss Four has had a fairly social week. Lots of time with best friend C, either at Fun Station, her place or here. She’s just come home from another afternoon at their place, during which I got all the washing, ironing and putting away COMPLETELY done for the first time since bub was born! I also watched Lesbian Vampire Killers which was quite a bit funnier than I expected. And caught up on some publishing paperwork, which was good. Yesterday was our one day we’d thought to stay home alone (and indeed, stay in our PJs!), but we had an unexpected (but pleasant!) surprise of   and assorted progeny arrive for a visit in the afternoon – luckily my friends don’t mind me having to get dressed before making them a cuppa! Was very nice – kids were good, got to meet L’s eldest, and Miss Four enjoyed playing with E immensely. Poor C was a bit disappointed that Master Seven wasn’t here to play with, although he covered it quite well by making lots of Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber aliens ๐Ÿ™‚

Bub is growing like a weed, and changing daily. He’s getting quite "talkative" and has also learned how to poke tongues! It’s quite funny to see him copying that action ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s sleeping pretty well at night now, particularly if mummy gets him to bed fairly close to 7pm. Hopefully sleeping won’t get too messed up while Granna’s visiting. He’s also really enjoying nursery rhymes, and gets particularly excited if each song ends with wild clapping of his hands (by appropriate grown up) and cheers of "Yaaaaaay Maxie!!!" ๐Ÿ™‚  This pic is of Miss Four’s friend’s mum doing exactly that.

In other news, I had to buy a new modem during the week, and I now have slower internet, which is most annoying. I also overspent my iPhone download quota between no ‘net at home for three days while I figured out what was wrong, and two days at Swancon. Will be interesting to see how much that costs.

And this week has been a bit slow on the publishing side. I’ve managed to finish a few books and write a couple of reviews. I also reorganised the bookcase again, as I’ve got a full shelf of old anthologies now that I need to read for Australis Imaginarium, and I also needed to tidy and re-evaluate my TBR shelf, particularly for outstanding review books! For Worlds Next Door I’ve been collecting author and artist bios, contracts and payment details, and waiting anxiously for news of cover art. Fingers crossed on that one still, but if it doesn’t work out, I have an awesome fallback, so I’m not really worried ๐Ÿ™‚ Do really need to hook into the Australis Imaginarium stuff though. It’s weird that I have the (very awesome by a very special artist!) cover art for that one but only a few stories selected, whereas I’ve no cover for WND and it’s practically finished inside! Ah, the fun stuff of publishing ๐Ÿ™‚

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Family day!

We had a lovely family day today. Miss Four’s ballet school hosted an Easter Picnic in the park, so we went along. Was a beautiful day, after two overcast ones, and it was most pleasant indeed. We’ll be going back to the park with bread for the ducks ๐Ÿ™‚ Kids found a couple of shares of eggs each, which was good (no tears! Win!).

Following the picnic, we headed over to Chutney Marys for Indian for lunch – was very nice, even if the kids didn’t eat much of anything. It was a treat for hubby, and he kept expressing his surprise that I was eating it (my tastes are usually not adventuresome). We over-ordered and I would have liked to stay longer to finish some of it off! But we had a deadline, as we headed across the road to the cinema and watched How to Train Your Dragon (not in 3D – it doesn’t worry me, but Miss Four doesn’t do so well with the glasses). Thoroughly enjoyed that, even though once again I missed a few minutes with child toilet breaks (at least she’s going to the toilet, this is also WIN!). Will happily add that one to the DVD collection when it comes out.

Came home and after feeding Bub (who had been fabulous all day, chirpy and sleepy and not whingy at all – I think he even watched most of the movie!), he and I both crashed for a couple of hours, which was also nice. And now hubby and the kids are "camping" in the back yard (foolish Daddy makes foolish promises!), so I’m enjoying a quiet evening.

In all, it’s been a great weekend – spent yesterday afternoon with   and   at A’s place, chatting and working on stuff for next weekend, with drop-ins from   and  . Time flies when you’re having fun! And again, Bub was brilliant – he’s a lovely social thing apparently!

This week is all about getting ready for the weekend – Master Seven jets off on his adventure on Saturday, and Sunday is Swancon day for me. Need to get my contracts for Worlds Next Door out in the next couple of days, and hook into reading for Australis Imaginarium. Some proofing for TPP on the cards too. Can’t believe it’s the end of Term 1 for the kids this week – where is this year going??

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Playing in the basement with books…

I just had the best fun day! Warning, library AND SF geekery ahead!

The lovely Grant Stone had given me some suggestions to look through for reprints for Australis Imaginarium, and he told me that the Murdoch Library Special Collections housed many of them. I rolled up to the uni today with baby in tow, and the extraordinarily nice and understanding librarians very generously gave me unaccompanied and unrestricted access to the basement! I spent three hours browsing compactuses, um, compactii, er, the big moving shelvey things that were PACKED with old spec fic "stuff"! Not just Aussie stuff, although there’s an astonishing amount of everything there (the oldest Aussie things I found were from the 1950s – publications that talked about the second and third EVER Australian conventions – with attendances of 80 and 135 ish respectively!).

I didn’t have a lot of luck finding anything suitable for Australis Imaginarium (send me your suggestions if you have them – don’t be shy!), although a couple of possibilities presented themselves, and I did come across a few leads to follow up. This is probably because most of the publications focussed strongly on science fiction, and I’m looking at primarily non-science fiction due to the themes I think. VERY few women in those early publications too, although I came across two stories by Norma Hemming.

I found this experience just fascinating, and will hopefully go back for another look soon.

Oh, and if anyone out there has a copy of Aurealis #2 they’d be willing to scan a story from for me, I’d be most grateful – that’s the ONLY issue missing from Murdoch’s journal collection! 


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