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Open short story markets

It’s a good time to be writing spec fic short stories in Australia right now. And maybe even for our overseas friends, as many of our local markets are open to international submissions! Thought it might be a good time to do a little round up:

1. Twelfth Planet Press is seeking original, unpublished fantasy stories of between 2,500 wds and 7,500 wds, set in the 1920s and fun for Speakeasy. Details here. Closes September 30, 2010. Twelfth Planet Press also has open reading for the novella and novelette doubles series’.

2. FableCroft Publishing is calling for (Australian only) submissions to After the Rain, a speculative fiction anthology for stories between 2,000-10,000 words. Details here. Closes October 31, 2010.

3. Liz Gryzb is editing More Scary Kisses for Ticonderoga Publications. Paranormal romance stories of between 1,000 and 8,500 words are wanted. Details here. Closes November 1, 2010.

4. Submissions of 1,000 to 7,500 words from Australian and overseas contributors are encouraged to the Aussie vampire anthology Dead Red Heart from Ticonderoga Publications. Closes December 1, 2010. Details here.

5. Editor Keith Stevenson is reading for the forthcoming Couer de Lion anthology, Anywhere But Earth. Original and unpublished science fiction stories of between 3,000 and 15,000 words on the theme are welcomed. Extensive details here. Closes February 28, 2011.

6. Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is almost always open to global submissions of up to 10,000 words (20,000 for Aust & NZ writers). Comprehensive guidelines here.

7. Aurealis is also an open market for Australian speculative fiction between 2,000 and 8,000 words – submissions from overseas by query. Guidelines here.


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The Year’s Best Science Fiction 27, Dozois – Honorable Mentions

 Aussie Honorable Mentions I noticed were:

Peter M Ball, Horn, Twelfth Planet Press
Terry Dowling, stories in Songs of the Dying Earth and X6
Greg Egan, "Hot Rock", Crystal Nights
Paul Haines, "Wives", X6
Margo Lanagan, "Ferryman" (Firebirds Soaring) & "Sea-Hearts" (X6)
Ian McHugh, stories in Asimov’s and Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Sean McMullen, stories in F&SF and Interzone
Garth Nix (too many to list!)
Lezli Robyn (with Mike Resnick), "Soulmates", Asimov’s
Cat Sparks, "Heart of Stone", X6
Sean Williams, stories in The Dragon Book and New Space Opera 2

Lots from   edited anthologies such as Eclipse 3 and New Space Opera 2.
ASIM got a positive little mention in the summation and X6 got massive kudos, called "one of the year’s best anthologies"!! 

There may be others, but I’m too tired to trawl through further! You can check it out for yourself here. Well done to all mentioned!

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It’s Ditmar time again!

DITMARS: I’ve made a GoogleDoc that includes all the Aurealis Awards entries from 2009, split (mostly!) into Ditmar categories. Figured it was as good a place as any to start. Please email or message me or comment to add more eligible stuff, change the categories (particularly short story to novella), or remove! Feel free to share this link!



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Galactic Suburbia Episode 6 talkback!

If you aren’t listening to the Galactic Suburbia podcast (by  ,   and Alex), I highly recommend it! Not just because they’re my friends (although it’s fun to listen to them have a chat every fortnight), but also because they talk about some really great stuff. In the latest episode, they talk about book reviewing as their pet topic, which I found fascinating, but so much more beforehand. And it’s like that every fortnight – lots of interesting topics, a heap of information, and a lovely chat 🙂

I’ve been meaning to respond to the podcasts for a while now, because I often find myself chatting back to the podcast (and yes, sometimes shouting at them!), so tonight I finally did so, as a vodcast. I can’t figure out a way to upload it anywhere to link to it, but maybe the Galactic Suburbia crew with talk about it next episode! 

It’s free on iTunes, and if you google it you’ll find it online too. Go! Subscribe!


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KSP Mini-Con Sunday May 2, 2010

via  :

It’s getting better by the day. There will be panels peopled by some of Perth’s finest speculative fiction writers and publishers. You’ll be able to buy a range of books from Fantastic Planet and indie publishers Ticonderoga Publications and Twelfth Planet Press as well as from local authors. And, of course, there are the kaffeeklatsches – but you’ll have to be early to book into those. Numbers are limited.

Just to remind you, the details for the KSP Mini Con are:

Where: Katharine Susannah Writers Centre, 11 Old York Rd, Greenmount

When: Sunday, May 2, from 10:00 am ’til 5:00 pm.

Entry: Adults $5.00 Family pass $10.00

There’ll be snacks and tea and coffee available at a reasonable price.

Here’s the programme:

10:00: Casting Call: heroes, villains and monsters. Hal Colebatch, Toby Coulstock, Liz Grzyb, Bevan McGuiness and Carol Ryles (mod)

11:00: Writing Intensives e.g. Clarions, Writers of the Future: do they work? Lee Battersby, Lyn Battersby, Carol Ryles, Helen Venn and Annette Backshall (mod)
(or you can attend a Kaffeeklatsch on Nanowrimo with Elaine Kemp and Sarah Parker )

12:00: Stuck in the Mud: Writers’ block/painting characters into a corner: Stephen Dedman, Sue Isle, David Kitson, Bevan McGuiness and Annette Backshall (mod)

1:00: Should WA writers use WA settings? Lee Battersby, Adrian Bedford, Stephen Dedman, Juliet Marillier and Russell B. Farr (mod)

2:00: Romance in Fantasy: Lyn Battersby, Satima Flavell, Elaine Kemp, David Kitson and Sarah Parker (mod)

3:00: World Building: Dave Luckett, Bevan McGuinness, Helen Venn and Carol Ryles (mod)
(or you can attend a Kaffeeklatsch on E-publishing with Elaine Kemp and Tehani Wesseley)

4:00: Turkey City Lexicon: Have some fun with overused tropes of SF. Russell B. Farr, David Kitson, Dave Luckett, Ian Nichols and Annette Backshall (mod)

Hope to see you there

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