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Where’s the ASIM website?

Doug van Belle sent us a great article on ‘Every Story Problem Ever’, I put it on the website and 40,000+ people stampeded in for a look. That used up our monthly bandwidth allowance in about three days flat.

We’re just sorting out the bandwith issue with our ISP now.

In the meantime, please spread the word.


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ASIM 35 out now!

Andromeda Spaceways Berths Again!    
Another destination reached, not too many lives lost.    
Andromeda Spaceways, specialists in intergalactic passenger misplacement, pioneers of rude interstellar inflight service, justly acclaimed for the inventiveness of their fine-print responsibility disclaimers, and credited with having provided the five best textbook examples of spaceliner crash landings, are not content to rest on their laurels.  Or anybody else’s, for that matter.  Laurels, after all, can be a mite uncomfortable.  But anyway … yes, now I remember.  New inflight magazine issue out now (!)
Edited by visiting Betelgeusian anthropologist-gourmand Arrrrarrrgghl Schlurpmftxpftpfl (!!)  

Stories by nine Earthlings, sampling ASIM’s patented blend of SF, fantasy and horror (!!!)  
"In the Kaladashi Fashion," by Geoffrey Maloney  
"Earth For Dummies," by Lettie Prell 
"Johnny Talley," by John Plunket  
"Spirit and Slave," by Stu Barrow 
"The Jackal’s Waltz," by Douglas A Van Belle  
"Dragon Feasts," by Aliette de Bodard  
"Devil’s Pet," by Katherine Woodbury  
"The Bigglio-Muller Experiment," by Lawrence Buentello  
"Interchange," by Emma-Jean Stewart  

There’s also a poem by Helen Patrice, book reviews by Edwina Harvey, I. E. Lester and Tehani Wessely, interviews with leading SF luminaries Terry Dowling and Iain M Banks and beautiful artwork by Tom Godfrey, Eleanor Clarke, Greg Hughes, Anna Repp and Martin Hanford. 

ASIM issue 35.
Available in print or pdf from www.andromedaspaceways.com, or from your nearest intergalactic inflight magazine stockist.  Buy it.  Read it.  Eat it.  (Consumption recommended only for Andromeda Spaceways steerage-class customers.  May contain traces of nuts.)
Issue 35


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New book reviews up at ASIM


I have a review of the McCaffrey’s latest journey into Pern, and there are lots of others too 🙂 Check out the changes to the website while you’re there…

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ASIM 33 & 34 out now!

X-post Ahoy!

Two Andromeda Spaceways for the price of … two?
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issues 33 and 34 are available now as a double package in print or PDF from www.andromedaspaceways.com and specialist bookstores.
Two issues, delivered simultaneously!

Not only do you get double your regular dose of fiction from ASIM, you also get stories from Andromeda Spaceways favourites and up-and-coming SF writers. 

Edwina Harvey takes the reins for issue 33, delivering her trademark blend of zany and traditional SF fare from a Dragon blogging to tales of ancient breadmaking and betrayal, we’ll take you back to the pulp feel of the early SF greats.

Joanne Anderton makes her maiden voyage as editor in issue 34, delivering new pieces from favourites Lyn Battersby and Ellie Tupper, outstanding work from up-and-comer R J Astruc, and introducing several new writers for you to enjoy!

Both issues bring you all the enjoyment, entertainment and adventure that every ASIM brings, only twice as much! How can you resist two issues at once?

Issue 33 features fiction by Larry Ferrill, Jeff Parish, Richard S Crawford, Loic Henry, Alex Cohen, Sarah Totton, Simon Petrie (twice!) and Regina Patton, as well as the latest “State of the Art” by Dirk Flinthart and a review of Bruce Boston’s Flashing the Dark, by Michael Lohr.

Issue 34 features fiction by R J Astruc, Nigel Stones,  M P Ericson, Wade Albert White, Lyn Battersby, Ellie Tupper, Shana Lear, Tessa Kum, Poetry by Elizabeth Barrette, as well as a feature on Fantasy from Tehani Wessely, an interview with Jackie Kessler and plenty of reviews

How do you get it?

Issues 33 and 34 are on sale now at 

www.andromedaspaceways.com – don’t miss out, issue 35 is coming out at warp speed! And don’t forget, ASIM is open right now for submissions of speculative fiction of up to 10,000 words – see the website for our guidelines.


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What are you giving your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Flowers and chocolates are so passé for the keen speculative fiction reader! Why not offer your sweetie the delectable Andromeda Spaceways #32 instead? When ingested by the eyes, doesn’t hang around the thighs! What better gift could there be?!

Available for devouring in print and PDF right now, issue 32 – edited by Monissa Whiteley – has a firm outer coating by the delicious Dan Skinner, and mouth-watering insides from scrumptious authors such as Brian Dolton, Ian Nichols, Dave Luckett and Karen Maric. Other goodies are served up by D Gellen and M Owton, Damon Kaswell, Eugenie Edquist and Kent Purvis. To really put the icing on the cake, Tansy Rayner Roberts interviews the yummy Justine Larbalestier about her writing and Simon Petrie gives us a “Little Nut Tree”.

ASIM #32 is available to purchase in print and PDF at
www.andromedaspaceways.com and in specialty bookshops around Australia including our newest supplier, Gleebooks at Blackheath in the NSW Blue Mountains. You can also get a print or PDF subscription to ASIM on line. Go on, give your loved one what they REALLY want.



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