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First review of ASIM #37

I’m so excited! The first review of my last ASIM issue is up at The Fix. It says wonderful things about my issue and my authors, and I’m absolutely delighted.

How nice is this introduction?!

According to editor Tehani Wessely, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue #37 is a compilation of tales that “deal with loss and change, in a wide variety of incarnations.” Why? Because this is the editor’s swan song. Wessely is leaving ASIM for other pastures. So the question then becomes, does this 37th issue of the popular Australian SF magazine live up to its editor’s claim? I think it does.This issue collects 13 stories from writers around the world that are from many subgenres, varying plot lines, and vastly different worlds. Yet all, no matter how strange or unusual, should resonate deeply in the mind of the reader. These narratives will pluck that string in your heart that has felt that there is something missing, something that you once had that should not be gone.


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An interesting breakdown by ken_schneyer on the Honorable Mentions in the Datlow/Link/Grant Best Of for magazines:


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ASIM 36 reviewed at The Fix

Quite a lovely review over at The Fix of ASIM 36 which I was instrumental in bringing to life 🙂 The ASIM website has also regained its composure and is now up, so you could go buy the nicely reviewed issue if you so chose… No pressure, but ASIM 37 (my final issue) will hit my doorstep any day now, and you simply CAN’T read them out of order!

Well, actually, of course you CAN, but where would be the hype in that? 🙂


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Andromeda Spaceways departure lounge

Well, the time has come, the walrus said… Late last night I put the final touches on ASIM #37. And then I sent my resignation letter to the Andromeda Spaceways Co-op I helped found seven years ago. My heart and my head have been warring over this decision for some months now, and finally, my head has won. I love ASIM, her charter, her crew and her contributors dearly, and I wouldn’t trade the past seven years of service for anything. I’ve learned so much, and formed so many friendships and working relationships with so many wonderful people, that I would not dream of taking it back. However, family, work, study, and other small press commitments (yep, I’m looking at YOU girliejones !) have finally taken their toll and I find that I can no longer offer ASIM the time or commitment I have in the past, and I sadly say farewell.

My last issue, #37, will hopefully be released at Conflux. I’m so proud of it, and it really is, to me, the pinnacle of everything I’ve achieved at Andromeda Spaceways. I can’t wait for you to see it, but just for a taste…

This is Dan Skinner’s totally gorgeous cover art for the issue – I can’t show you the fully finished cover, because therein lies a sekrit… I can tell you, however, that this artwork was inspired by the very wonderful Dirk Flinthart’s story, interestingly titled,  "This Is Not My Story"!!! I’m sure m’lord Flinthart will not mind if I post the introductory paragraphy here, to whet your appetite for ASIM #37…

This is not my story. You don’t want to hear my story. You’ve heard it before. It’s the story of the missed opportunity, the lost moment, the chance that will never come again, and it’s been told many times over by writers better than I. You don’t need that story.

There’s another story I’d like to offer you, but I can’t. It isn’t mine to tell, and anyway, it isn’t finished yet.

Instead, I’ll give you Janey’s story, or what I know of it. Janey wouldn’t mind, and some of it is my story too, and it’s got a proper ending and everything, so maybe I can publish it. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll have to wait until somebody asks me the question they always ask, sooner or later. Then I’ll tell them Janey’s story, and laugh, and sign a book or a shirt or something, and they’ll go away and tell their friends what a character I am in real life.

That’s the way it works.

I absolutely cannot wait to see this issue in print. Only a couple of weeks away! The rest of the contents lineup looks a little like this:

Dominion…Christine Lucas

Drowning in the Air…Penny-Anne Beaudoin

Amygdala, My Love…Lee Battersby

The Unicorn in the Tower…Eilis O’Neal

Map…Adam Bales

The Better To…Eugie Foster

Love the Tattoo….Leith Daniel

Rick Gets a Job…Jason Fischer

Under Waves and Over…Grant Stone

Terraformer…David Conyers

Night Heron’s Curse…Thoraiya Dyer

Failed Experiments from the Frontier: The Pumpkin…Paul Haines

Now I bet YOU can’t wait either! 🙂


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ASIM 36 available now!

The Great Website Crash of August 2008 has now been put to rights (thanks for that massive flurry of web traffic Mr Doug Van Belle!) and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #36 has truly hit cyberspace. You can’t afford to miss this issue! Dip your toes into new fiction from Golden Aurealis winner Cat Sparks, and internationally acclaimed authors such as Rachel Swirsky and Lisa Mantchev. Then dive on in, because the rest is just as fine!

Issue 36Fiction
Piper . . . Cat Sparks
Purrgatory (sic) . . . Cathy Bryant
A Drowning . . . Aimee Smith
The Robber King and the blood orange tree . . . Maggie Della Rocca
The Amazing Story of Dominic Lazar . . . Rachel Swirsky
Halfway to Dead . . . Lisa Mantchev
The Nalendar . . . Ann Leckie
Too Hot . . . Janeen Samuel
Apart . . . Grant Stone
Homemade Autumn . . . Shane Nelson

Working for a Greener Narrative . . . Lee Battersby
The Problem Was . . . Michael Merriam

Special Features
An Interview with Greg Egan . . . Simon Petrie
Book Reviews . . . Simon Petrie, I.E. Lester, Dirk Flinthart

As always, available in print and PDF from the website.

Edited by Lucy Zinkiewicz and Tehani Wessely, with artwork by Eleanor Clarke, Anna Repp, Aimee Chow and Catherine Deziel.


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